Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Troop 100?

·   Troop 100 is chartered by Wesley United Methodist Men's Group.  We meet Mondays 7-8:30 at the church when school is in session.

·   Troop 100 is a boy-led troop.  We believe that the greatest growth and experience comes with opportunities in leadership and responsibility.

·   Troop 100 is an active troop.  We have meetings nearly every Monday, monthly camp outs, Owasippe summer camp and high adventure (age 14+) camps, and service projects.

·   Troop 100 has many trained leaders and many supportive adult volunteers.

·   Troop 100 provides an excellent framework for rank advancement. 

·   Troop 100 is closely associated with Venture Crew 100.  All Troop 100 scouts are added to the Venture Crew 100 roster when they turn 14, at no additional cost. 


How does Rank Advancement work?

The requirements for all ranks are in "The Boy Scout Handbook".  Up through the 1st class rank, opportunities to fulfill requirements and advance will occur as the result of the regular troop activities including meetings, camp outs, and summer camp.  Your Scout should have his SPL or an adult leader mark and date the requirements in his Scout Handbook as he completes them so you know what the status is.  Please be aware that rank requirements up through 1st class can be completed at any time, and they don't need to be done in order.  The Star, Life and Eagle ranks are more individual pursuits and there are time requirements involved.


How do Merit Badges work?

The Merit Badge process is as follows:  Before work is started an a merit badge the Scout should ask the Scoutmaster (SM) for a "Blue Card", signed by the SM,  before the Scout begins work on the badge.  The merit badge counselor should then get the card.  After the badge is complete, the counselor and SM will sign off on it, each will keep a copy and one copy will be given to the advancement chair to be turned in to the council when the badge itself is purchased.  Be sure to safeguard your copies of completed badges and ranks.


How is a camp out organized?

·   An signup sheet is posted few weeks prior.

·   Planning meals and other preparations are done during meeting prior to the camp out.

·   Final roster for the camp out, scouts and adults and drivers is posted. 

·   We always must have a minimum of four adults, including trained leaders, for safety.  All adults attending must have completed the BSA Youth Protection course (available online, ~30 minutes).  We practice two-deep leadership at all times.

·   One scout from each patrol will purchase food, costs up to $7 per scout are reimbursable.

·   We meet at the church at 5:30 PM on Friday, load gear into trailer, pull health forms and depart.

·   Scouts, upon arrival at the campsite, put phones and gaming equipment away for the duration. 

·   Sunday morning we break camp and drive home.  An email with the expected arrival time at the church will go out.  Scouts will also call home 30 minutes prior to arrival.

·   Each scout will remain at the church until dismissed by the SPL.

·   Each scout will be assigned a tent or a tarp to take home, dry out and clean.


Where does Troop 100 camp?

·   Recent camp outs have been far and near.  Here are a few

o Turkey Run, IN ( Hiking )

o Oregon, IL ( Canoeing )

o Kettle Moraine , WI ( Mountain biking )

o Maquoketa Caves State Park, IA ( Spelunking )

o Roto-Kiwan Boy Scout Camp (Aviation merit Badge Kalamazoo Air Zoo)

o Warren Dunes State Park, MI (Swimming)

o Waterfall Glen, DuPage (Orienteering)

·   Upcoming 2017 campouts

o Ski @ Cascade or Devil's Den, stay at CFL in WI.  

o Underground Ziplining, Louisville Mega Cavern, Louisville, KY, 

o Starved Rock, Oglesby, IL 

o Funyaking at Kosirs Rapid Rafts, Athelstane, WI

o Great America / Camping at IL Beach State Park, Zion, IL 

o Owassippe Summer Camp


How do we communicate?

·   Troop Email group - All parents/guardians and scouts should join our Google Group “troop100naperville” to receive Troop 100 emails. 

·   Troop Website - https://sites.google.com/site/bsatroop100private/           has our calendar, forms, newsletter, camp out sign ups and much more.                       

·   Troop Newsletter – monthly, available on the troop website.                                                     

How do we plan?

·   An annual parent planning meeting is held in May or June to sketch out the next year’s activities and events.

·   Committee meetings are held during the Troop meeting on the first Monday of every month.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. A good bit of the final detailed planning is done at these meetings.


What are the fees and costs?

·   The current annual fee for a single scout is $55, $60 for a new scout (comes with a class “B” t-shirt).  Most of this fee is passed directly to Three Fires Council.

·   Some of the troop expenses are covered by receipts from the annual pancake breakfast and annual popcorn sale.  We expect every scout to participate up to low level minimum sales.

·   The regular fee for a campout is $30 per scout, occasionally more to cover special activities.

·   Owasippe summer camp fees are ~$375.


What might we need to buy?

·   A class “A” uniform.

·   Some basic camping equipment. The Troop has much of the equipment needed for campouts, including tents, tarps, gas grills, lanterns, and patrol boxes containing pots, pans, utensils and spices.  The equipment is stored in the troop trailer and towed to each outing.  Each camper will need to bring a mess kit, water bottle (clear, so we can see that the boys are hydrating), sleeping bag & pad, headlamp and appropriate clothing.


What are the troop fundraisers?

·   The Pancake Breakfast is our biggest fundraiser; everyone is expected to participate.

·   The Popcorn fundraiser benefits the Three Fires Council; everyone is expected to participate.

·   Additional fundraisers may be offered to help scouts raise funds for scouting; these fundraisers are optional.


Does Troop 100 have scout accounts and how do they work?

·   Yes, Troop 100 has scout accounts called IRAs. 

·   Funds in a Scout's IRA can be used to "pay his own way", paying for scouting related activities and equipment.

·   A portion of  each scout's fund raising receipts are placed in his IRA.

·   The portion allocated to IRAs varies by fund raising event.  The formula is announced prior to each fund raiser.


What if a scout is involved in other activities?

Many Troop 100 scouts are involved in music, sports and other youth groups.  We understand that scouts cannot attend all meetings and activities, especially during the busy seasons for other activities.  Troop 100 is active year round, so there is plenty of opportunity to be involved.


What if my son has a question or a problem at a meeting or campout?

He should first talk to his Patrol Leader (PL).  If the issue can't be resolved at that level he should check with an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) or the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL).  Only after he has gone through those steps should he ask an adult leader.  If your son asks you for help or an answer at a troop meeting or campout, please direct him to talk to the youth leadership.  Urgent safety issues should always be brought to the attention of adult leaders immediatelyIf you son ever has an issue with bullying or other bad behavior on the part of a fellow Scout, and he is afraid to bring it up to the youth leadership, please let one of the Scoutmasters know as soon as possible


How can I help?

Glad you asked!  Adult participation is a necessity and is needed to ensure the program’s goals can be achieved.  Each parent, family or guardian is expected to participate fully in Troop 100 by accepting a Troop position or helping with Scouting activities.  Please find  a parent role that suits you and also volunteer when needed. 

·   We can always use more Assistant Scoutmasters.

·   We can always use more Merit Badge Counselors.

·   Sit on boards of review, the final step for a rank advancement.

·   Attend campouts, we often need drivers for our caravan.

·   Step up for open parent roles.  Or shadow and assist with a currently filled role.