07/05 - 07/11 :: Summer Camp - Tuckahoe ($325 by 4/20)

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Early-Bird Payment Deadline: Apr 20th

  • Make "Payment 2 of 2" at www.Troop1115Store.com
  • Read all of the following summer camp information below - the details are important
  • Select your Scout's desired MBs (see special info for first-year Scouts), complete the appropriate attached "Merit Badge Selection Form" (first-year or non-first year) and email it to Scott Thompson at cdrsfthompson@gmail.com
  • Make payment for selected Merit Badges (MBs) at www.Troop1115Store.com - this must be paid before your Scout can be signed up for MBs


Summer Camp - Tuckahoe


Depart Sunday, July 5th 10:30am - meet up at parking lot of TD Bank/Cardinal Plaza, 8310 Old Keene Mill Rd, Springfield, VA 

Arrive Home Saturday, July 11th late morning - meet up at FBCS 


Camp Tuckahoe     About 2 hours from Springfield (with no traffic)

400 Tuckahoe Road     Camp Office (emergencies only): (717) 432-5232

Dillsburg, PA 17019



All Troop 1115 Scouts and Registered BSA Adult Leaders only may attend. Non-registered adults may visit for a day, but may not stay overnight (new BSA rules). 


Register by paying at www.Troop1115Store.com 

All payments are final - sorry, no refunds. 

In addition to the following fees, bring $10 to buy lunch Sunday on the way there and approximately $30-50 to spend at the camp store.  

Early-Bird Fee - Scouts

$77    Payment 1 of 2 (Pay by Jan 26th) - includes registration deposit, t-shirt and

              processing fee (include t-shirt size in "Notes" when you pay). Additional MB fees should be paid by this date as well, if applicable.  

$325 Payment 2 of 2 (Pay by Apr 20th) - includes remainder of registration fee

Regular Fee - Scouts (Pay by May 20th)

 $427 One Payment Only (plus MB costs, if applicable)


Fee - Registered Adults 

 $80      Payment 1 of 2 (Pay by Jan 26th) - includes registration deposit, t-shirt & processing fee

(include t-shirt size in “Notes” when you pay)

 $30     Payment 2 of 2 (Pay by April 20th) - includes remainder of registration fee Remainder fee


You must submit your MB Selection Form - Scouts at or before the time your final payment is due - some MBs may have additional costs. The earlier you pay/sign-up, the more likely you will get the MB you desire. Before selecting MBs, review MBs already completed/started to not duplicate. Make sure you complete any prerequisites noted on the MB schedule (starts on p. 6 under "Details). If Scouts want to take MBs with buddies, coordinate in advance. Sign up by first reviewing the attached MB Program Schedule, then email the attached MB Selection Form to ASM Scott Thompson at cdrsfthompson@gmail.com with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices and a few alternates just in case. When choosing MBs, Scouts should consider the difficulty, balance of Eagle-required, and taking advantage of the particular camps unique offerings - Scoutmasters may recommend other MBs for your Scout. MBs will be processed based on first paid.

For First-Year Scouts, use the Merit Badge Selection Form - First Year Scouts.

Additional MB Costs (must be paid before MB is registered):

Archery - $6

Basketry - $22

Electronics - $15

Leatherwork - $11

Space Exploration - $12

Wood Carving - $6

Woodwork - $15

Rifle Shooting - $20

Shotgun Shooting - $25

*Discover Scuba - $35

*not a merit badge

Many MBs have prerequisites which need to be completed before camp. If not completed, the MB will not be fully earned at camp. See attached Merit Badge Prerequisites.


First-year Scouts are strongly encourage to take this program designed to advance in rank, yet limits the number of Merit Badges that can be taken. Review the attached First-Year Program materials and plan accordingly, especially when selecting Merit Badges. First-Year Scouts should sign up for the Swimming MB at 11am to take together as a group. MB slots at 3:30pm and after can also be chosen - read info on MB Selection Form - First Year Scouts below for more details on which MBs to choose.


Required BSA Health Forms A, B and C must be current and complete. "Current" means all three forms, including Form C which must be completed, signed/ and dated by a physician. Must be dated no earlier than July 12, 2018 (it cannot be more than one year old by the last day of camp). Make your doctor's appointment NOW. Camp Staff will not allow you to enter camp without these properly completed forms. 


Summer Camp requires an additional Consent Form - see attached

FOOTLOCKER: We highly recommend using this FOOTLOCKER to pack all belongings as it is sized correctly to fit under your bunk in the tent and contents will not spill out of tent platform. If you do not have one, first see if you can borrow one from another Scout family. If you need to purchase the trunk, BUY IT EARLY as many Scouts from other units are buying the exact same trunk. 


Complete the below online form under LINKS.

FOR MERIT BADGE QUESTIONS AND SEND MB SELECTION FORMS TO: Scott Thompson at cdrsfthompson@gmail.com

ALL OTHER QUESTIONS: John Griffin at griffincpa@gmail.com 



  • Medical Forms A B & C BSA 2020
  • Consent Form - Summer Camp Tuckahoe 2020
  • First Year Program - Tuckahoe 2020
  • First Year Program Schedule - Tuckahoe 2020
  • Parent/Leader Guide (pending)
  • Packing List (pending)
  • Merit Badge Selection Form - First-Year Scouts
  • Merit Badge Selection Form - Scouts (Non-First Year Scouts)
  • Merit Badge Program/Schedule
  • Merit Badge Prerequisites
  • Map - CampTuckahoe

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