Caving Campout (date TBD)

posted Feb 22, 2020, 2:58 PM by Erik Karlson   [ updated Mar 28, 2020, 7:01 AM ]
{Registration Not Yet Open}

: Caving Campout

When: Saturday, date TBD - Depart Springfield at 7:00am, arrive at Thorn Spring Campground by 10:30am
           Sunday, date TBD - Depart Campsite 9:00 am, arrive in Springfield approximately 12:30pm
            (Thorn Spring Campground is approximately 3 hours from Springfield with no traffic)

Where: Thorn Spring Campground, 42 All Star Dr., Franklin, WV 26807

Register: Register at Troop Store - Registration Closes date TBD or when full, which ever occurs first
                Registration is limited - first to sign up, first to go 
  • $45.00 for Scouts (limited to first 26 Scouts only)
  • $45.00 for Adults Caving (limited to first 4 Adults only)
  • $25.00 for Adults Not Caving (unlimited) 
Additional Consent Form: Additional form required by caving guide - see below and turn in asap.

Food: Saturday breakfast - on your own, bring $ for a snack on the way
          Saturday lunch - provided by grubbers (should be quick to fix and clean up)
          Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast - provided by grubbers

  • Caves in VA and WV are a pretty constant 52º year-round.
  • Boots (hiking style, work boots, or military) or old sneakers that can get muddy
  • Snack (CLIF bars, POWERBARS, or other durable food), 1 small water bottle (plastic, not glass)
  • Backpack or book bag
  • An outer clothing layer that can be muddied, and then removed when we exit the cave (blue jeans, work pants or old sweat pants, and a long sleeve shirt layer or old hoodie). Coveralls are great if you have them.
  • It is best then to have other clothes underneath the outer layer (like shorts and a t-shirt), so when we exit the cave, the muddy stuff can simply be “peeled off” without any modesty issues. Don’t expect privacy; there is often no where to change at the cave.
  • 1 large plastic trash bag (kitchen or yard size)
  • Headlamp, or several new AA or AAA batteries (Walmart has some decent inexpensive headlamps)
  • A flashlight
  • Change of footwear for travel 
  • Whistle on a lanyard
  • (optional) Disposable camera with flash, preferably in a Ziploc®
  • WILD GUYde will supply caving helmets, cave packs, and safety equipment
Program: Caving will begin at 1pm at a site not too far from the campground - directions to cave will be provided on site. Caving will be lead by two certified guides from 

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