Hiking Club and Trails

Welcome to the 3877 Hiking Club.  Boys continuously ask to get outdoors more and this program is designed for that specific purpose.  We will be tracking miles hiked and awarding patches at certain intervals. There will be a special prixze at the 25 and 50 miles hiked thresholds.

Our first hike in January 2010 was to Solstice Canyon in Malibu where we explored the burned out remains of a home built in the 50's.  After accumulating 3 miles our first scouts are well on their way. 
Our second hike in March was to Malibu Creek State Park.

Contact Kevin Hunnicutt our Hiking Coordinator for more information.

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Items to bring:
Wear your Class A Uniform and good walking/hiking shoes (no sandals). Water - 2 small bottles per Cub.  Scout 10 Essentials are a must.

This site lists the Essentials by age group for Cubscouts.  

Another site for reference information --> The Essentials, Real Important Items, Other Items To Consider, and How To Carry It All  
Complete and bring "Parent Consent Form" (Required for ALL Scout participants!)
Online resources: