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Welcome to Livonia Pack 1640's website!
We are an active Cub Scout Pack in Livonia, Michigan. Boys in first through fifth grade are welcome to join at any time during the year. We are a community Pack, drawing boys from the Kennedy, Johnson, and Webster Elementary Schools.  We have about 30 active scouts in our Pack.
Pack meetings take place monthly, September through May and are generally on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. and are held at Trinity Church of Livonia. In addition to the monthly Pack meeting we also sponsor pack events of interest to the whole family.  Please explore our website for information about our exciting upcoming activities and meetings.  If you would like more information or are interested in joining Pack 1640 please contact us using the link below.  We are looking forward to speaking with you.
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Our pack has been supporting and donating to the St. Mary's Hopital Bears program for many years.  These stuffed animals are given to young children in the hospical to try and add some comfort them.  We also just started donating to the Methodist Childrens Home.  Here are a few of the thank you letters that we have recieved...
"Dear Scout Pack1640,

  I wanted to share my story with you and thank-you for the well hugs teddy bears.  On Sat. July 11th I was babysitting my 11 month old nephew Cole.  He had a fever all day and I thought he was just teething.  He was warm and slept all day but never cried.  Well around 11:30 that night Cole woke up crying so I went to get him and he didn't seem right to me.  I woke up my husband and said there's something wrong with Cole. He ended up having a seizere because his temp was so high (104). I was so scared I called 911 and they rushed him to St. Mary's hospital in Livonia.  Cole had a double ear infection, they gave him some medicine and two nurses went and got him a stuffed animal.  Then someone else came by and gave him another one.  We ended up leaving the hospital at 3:30 in the morning.  They got Cole's fever down and evetually we were able to get to sleep.  The next morning Cole was doing so much better, he was playing in his play-pen after breakfast and I decided to give him all his new stuffed animals.  I noticed this string thing on one of the teddy bears paws and was like what's this?  So I pulled it off so he wouldn't choke and realized it was a note from the cub scouts, I was so touched and thought oh what a great idea!  So I just wanted to tell my story and say thank-you.  Cole spent quite a bit of time looking and playing with his new bear.  I think we will keep this one forever to remind us of just how sick he really was and how thoughtful all of you guys were.  Keep up the good work you guys are very special and I'm sure when Cole gets bigger he will be a cub scout too. 
Thanks again,
Cole's Auntie Sharon"


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