DESCRIPTION: This 16 hour course is designed for those who want to expand their knowledge of Leave No Trace practices and teaching skills, particularly as related to teaching Leave No Trace Awareness courses and understanding basic principles for "FRONT COUNTRY" camping as a Cub Pack, Scout Troop or Venture Crew. This course will cover the seven Leave No Trace principles and discuss wildland ethics, as well as give the participants the tools and techniques for disseminating low-impact skills to recreationists and the scouting community. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be qualified to teach Leave No Trace Awareness courses as well as assist a master educator on future Leave No Trace Trainer courses. Also as a Scout, this course will help you to be successful in the BSA leadership position of Outdoor Ethics Guide. As a Scouter this course will help you to be successful as the Outdoor Ethics Guide Advisor to your Troop. It is highly recommended that Scouters participating in this course have completed BALOO and/or Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS).


CURRICULUM: A Leave No Trace Trainer course emphasizes skills and techniques essential to Leave No Trace minimum impact outdoor ethics and education. Leave No Trace courses are not focused on teaching basic travel, camping or other outdoor skills, nor do they provide outdoor instructor certification.


The Leave No Trace course does include a minimum of 16 hours of education and at least one night of camping in the field to ensure adequate experiential education, i.e. you must learn and apply Leave No Trace practices to develop and hone your personal experience and judgment.

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