COPE & Climbing Instructor Training (Natural Rock)

COPE & Climbing Instructor Training (Natural Rock)

The course will cover the basics needed to help facilitate a natural rock event including site specific details such as site management and standardized rigging. The course goal is to ensure that you can safely and effectively support MCC unit climbing/rappelling activities held at MCC approved natural rock locations. Training will be conducted following the BSA guidelines of “Climb On Safely”, “Belay On”, National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) Standards, and MCC’s Climbing/Rappelling Policies and Procedures.

This Level I course is intended for BSA registered adults who meet the above prerequisites and are interested in learning and teaching the basics of climbing and rappelling in an outdoor, natural rock setting.  Upon successful completion of the course (to include demonstrating climbing/rappelling core competencies), adults will receive their BSA “Climbing Instructor Level I (Natural Rock)” training card.

BSA registered youth who meet the above prerequisites are also eligible to take the Level I course.  Upon successful completion (to include demonstrating climbing/rappelling core competencies), youth will receive their BSA “Climbing Instructor in Training (Natural Rock)” card.

Please note that this course will focus on MCC’s approved natural rock climbing/rappelling locations and anchor set-up/safety.

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Please note that this course will focus on MCC's approved natural rock climbing/rappelling locations and anchor set-up/safety.

Any questions contact:

Sasha Timkovich

COPE & Climbing Program Manager

Mecklenburg County Council, BSA


Register online via the Mecklenburg County Council Training webpage