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High Adventure First Aid


Councils and their High Adventure Teams

California Inland Empire Council
     Council www.bsa-ciec.org
     Hat http://www.bsa-ciec.org/openrosters/view_homepage.asp?orgkey=1618

Las Vegas Area Council - was: Boulder Dam Area Council
     Council www.lvacbsa.org

Long Beach Area Council
     Council www.longbeachbsa.org

Los Angeles Area Council
     Council www.boyscoutsla.org
     Hat www.laac-hat.com or newer site http://www.merkurencyclopedia.com/HAT/index.html

Los Padres Council
     Council www.lpcbsa.org

Mount Diablo Silverado Council
     Council www.bsa-mdsc.org
     Hat http://www.bsa-mdsc.org/training/hat/

Old Baldy Council - merged into San Gabriel Valley Council and California Inland Empire Council

Orange County Council
     Council www.ocbsa.org
     Hat hat.ocbsa.org

San Diego - Imperial Council - was: Desert Pacific Council
     Council www.sdicbsa.org
     Hat www.sdicbsa.org/highadventure

San Francisco Bay Area Council
     Council www.sfbac.org
     Hat www.sfbac.org/training/adult/hat

San Gabriel Valley Council
     Council www.sgvcbsa.org
     Hat (no web page) - No longer has High Adventure Team

Southern Sierra Council
     Council www.sscbsa.org
     Hat http://www.bsahighadventure.org/

Ventura County Council
     Council www.vccbsa.org
     Hat www.vccbsa.org

Verdugo Hills Council
     Council www.vhcbsa.org
     Hat http://sites.google.com/site/bsahat

West Los Angeles County Council
     Council www.bsa-la.com
     Hat http://www.wlacchat.org/

Trek Aids

Hike Aids