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High Adventure Team


The High Adventure Team’s goal is to give adult Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venturer Leaders knowledge and training that will help them plan and lead their units on fun, safe, and rewarding outings.  These HAT Awareness courses cover subjects that are not found in any other Scouter training available from our Council.


The Outing Awareness Course is an introductory course covering outing leadership for all Scouting age levels.  It is a one day seminar that is recommended for all registered Scouter's, or Scouts who are at least 14 years of age and accompanied by an adult leader.  The Basic Backpack Awareness Course consists of a one-day seminar and a weekend overnight backpack.  It is open to those who have completed the Outing Awareness Course.  For these courses, you will need a compass suitable for use with a map.  A Silva type is recommended.  After completing Basic Backpacking, you may further your knowledge with Winter Awareness, a one-day seminar and an overnight including skiing and/or snow shoeing into a snow camp.  Desert Backpack Awareness is a weekend of camping and seminar in a desert experience. Astronomy Awareness (Night Sky) is a Seminar for all. (Done at Desert)  Water Trek Leader Awareness Course includes a seminar and hands-on canoeing activity.  The Advanced Backpacking course is available for those that wish to further their outdoor leadership skills.

Topics Include


Lost                                        Scouts’ Own                              Equipment Care

Hypothermia/Hyperthermia    Conservation                              Map, Compass, and Orienteering

Food Planning/Preparation     Photography                               Awards

Emergency Weather              Natural Disasters/Evacuation     Trail Boss Program

Leadership                             Trail Customs & Courtesies

Leave No Trace                     Personal/Group Equipment

Health and Safety                  Wilderness Aid


    Trail Boss teaches a person how to supervise your group in trail maintenance. Leave No Trace & Tread Trainer teaches you how to demonstrate and teach minimum impact techniques and outdoor ethics.

Orienteering Merit badge is a fun way for youth to earn the Orienteering Merit Badge. It is a Seminar for troop adults


High Adventure First Aid focuses on emergencies beyond 911, and includes Red Cross Emergency Response, When Help is Delayed and CPR for the Professional Rescuer Certifications.  Course fees include all handouts and demonstration materials.  Participants must provide their own personal equipment.  For the one-day indoor sessions, participants should bring their own lunch or plan to eat at local establishments.


Wilderness and Remote First Aid is a ARC 16 hour First Aid Course for persons who participate in activities that take them beyond the scope of traditional urban emergency medical services. Also when help is delayed in any situation and mass casualty incidents. (Does not include CPR) 


Check-in at indoor session begins at 7:30 am.  Courses begin at 8:00 am, and finish by 5:30 pm.  (First Aid class times vary, see course flyers.)  Watch for detailed flyers and sign up at the Council Service Center.  Please sign up early. Classes will be cancelled if the minimum number of persons have not registered by five days before the class date.


Schedule of Courses

Outing Awareness                   Sat January 20, 2018
                                             Sat November 17, 2018

Basic Backpacking                 Sat. March 17, 2018 indoor - Rescheduling to future date
                                              Sat & Sunday April 14 & 15, 2018 outdoor - Rescheduling to future date

Winter                                     Sun February 10, 2018 indoor  - Rescheduling to 2019
                                              Sat & Sun Febuary 24 - 25, 2018 outdoor-includes Snowshoe & X country

Desert                                    Sat & Sun May 19 & 20, 2018
Astronomy                              Sat May 19, 2018

Water Trek/Canoeing               Fri  June 8, 2018 indoor   Rescheduling to 2019
                                              Sat June 9, 2018 outdoor  Rescheduling to 2019

Trail Boss                               Sat January 6 or Sun Jan 7, 2018      
                                             Sat March 3 or Sun March 4, 2018 Rescheduled to April 21 due to rain
                                              Sat April 21 or Sun April 22, 2018
                                              Sat May 5 or Sun May 6, 2018                                             

Leave No Trace & Tread            Fri night, Sat & Sun June 1, 2 & 3, 2018
            Lightly Trainer            

Advanced Backpacking             Not scheduled - see flyer

Orienteering                             Sat & Sun September 22 & 23, 2018
Wilderness and Remote First Aid
                                             Sat Jan 20 and Sat Feb 3, 2018
                                             Sat Oct 6 and Oct 13, 2018

High Adventure First Aid          Sat October 6 thru November 17, 2018                                            

CPR Certification                     Sat October 20, 2018

Bear Aware                             Provided by another council HAT

Rock climbing / Repelling Instructor
                                              5 Wednesdays, Plus 3 day weekend to be arranged.