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High Adventure First Aid

Verdugo Hills Council
High Adventure team
Awareness, Adventure, Awards and more!

1. High Adventure Team goals and purposes

Train Leaders ...pass knowledge to troop

Install confidence in Adult Leaders ...scouting functions, outings, hiking, camping, Canoeing and trekking with a greater safety margin.

Passing of information... through "Roundtables" and other scout functions, throughout "Adult Leader" courses.

Award Programs... High Adventure Awards booklet with pictorial display of awards.

2. Training Courses - Adult Leader Training, Orienteering Merit Badge for youth.

A. Scout High Adventure Program... the program itself, application and award procedures, tour permits, (local and national), insurance.

B. High Adventure Leadership... the nature of leadership, high adventure team backpack program, prepare adult leaders and help adult leaders understand and evaluate youth needs.

C. Equipment ...impact on environment, literature and hand outs, ten essentials, chemical protectorants, clothing, packs and sacks, sleep bags, footwear, check list, insulation, breathability vs. waterproof, fabrics, tents, and components of layer system.

D. Menu Planing, Food and Cooking (stoves and fuels) ...nutrition protein vs. carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, snacks, stoves, utensils and fuel, sanitation and cleaning, foods--fresh, natural and freeze dried.

E. Health and Safety/Mountain  Medicine
...Heat and cold injuries, sunburn, dehydration, windburn, insect bites and stings, venomous animal bites, acute mountain sickness, altitude sickess, high altitude pulmonary and cerebral edema, emergency handling and evacuation, first-aid techniques for injuries and medical conditions, first-aid kits, and water treatment.

F. Leave No Trace (LNT)... Mountain Manners, Conservation, trail-head, on the trail, trail courtesy, rangers, trail repair and litter, keeping together in-camp, wilderness/conservation, terrain evaluation, trail impact/ low impact, rivers streams and lakes, wildlife.

G. Hike Planning... type of outing, aids to planning, concerns, tour permits, HAT Adventure Award forms, trip organization, trail planning, campsite selection, travel time, weather, special programs.

H. Navigation ...use of map and compass, orientation, relating landmarks to maps, taking bearings, profiling a hike.

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