Winter Camp at Boxwell Scout Reservation Lebanon, TN (east side of Nashville)

Winter Camp

What? Winter Camp provides an awesome opportunity for Scouts to experience winter camping while earning Merit Badges not offered during Summer Camp and participate in great camp-wide themed activities and competitions during the afternoon. It’s a jamboree style camping event with meals served in a dining hall.  Here are the camp  Website and Leader's Guide (11.9Mb with all details)

What? Winter Camp will be held December 27 - 31, 2008.

Where? At Boxwell Scout Reservation (outside Nashville, TN) in Camp Stahlman.

How Much? Fee Information:
Discount Fee - $80 (As long as the Early Bird Deposit is paid by November 14, 2008 with each Scout's name. Names are not transferable but the money is.)  
Regular Fee - $90 (After the November 14, 2008 Early Bird Deposit deadline). Adult Leaders - 2 adults free for (1-16 scouts)

Refund policy? The Middle Tennessee Council will refund all but a $30.00 cancellation fee per Scout as long as the Refund Request Form is in the office by the Pre-Camp Leader's Meeting on December 4, 2008 at 7:00pm.

Will there be a trading post?  Yes! All Winter Camp clothing is available during camp as well as items from the Scout Shop . Other items, such as food, drinks, limited Merit Badge supplies and other items will be available during Winter Camp.

What about troops that don't have leaders with the time to take off another week for Winter Camp?  All troops are encouraged to send Scouts as provisional campers if their troop cannot attend as a unit. Provisional troops will be formed to accommodate these Scouts. The fee schedule is the same for these provisional campers and there is a special form to use in the Leader's Guide.
How to sign up?  Each person interested in attending should go to this link to sign up.  (Jonathan and Mr. Chen will then use the info to help plan the trip.)

Individual Merit Badges(Merit Badge are subject to change, A = A Session MB, B = B Session MB, C = C Session MB, see schedule below)

Fine Arts Series: A-Art, B-Pottery, C-Photography

CSI Series: A-Crime Prevention, B-Law, C-Finger Printing, 

Shock "E"ng Series: A-Electricity, B-Energy, C-Electronics, 

Safety Series: A-Fire Safety, B-Medicine, C-Safety, 

Tennessee Outdoor Series: A-Farm Mechanics, B-Fly Fishing, C-Horsemanship, 

Tour de Boxwell Series: A-Personal Fitness, B-Cycling, C-Athletics, 

Survivor Series: A-Orienteering, B-Wilderness Survival, C-Backpacking, 

The Nature Series: A-Forestry, B-Pulp & Paper, C-Plant Science, 

The Home Improvement Series: A-Home Repairs, B-Plumbing, C-Painting

The Field of Dreams Series: A-Model Design, B-Metal Work, C-Wood Working

The Flying Eagle Series: A-Communications, B-Radio, C-Journalism, 

The 3 American Business Series: A-Entrepreneurship, B-American Business, C-American Labor, 

The Citizenship Series: A-Citizenship in the Community, B-Citizenship in the Nation, C-Citizenship in the World, 

Workshops: Junior Leader, Camp Staff Opportunities


  Dec 27-Saturday Dec 28 - Sunday
 Dec 29 - Monday
 Dec 30 - Tuesday
 Dec 31 - Wednesday
 7:45/8:00  Flag raising/Breakfast
 Flag raising/Breakfast  Flag raising/Breakfast  Flag raising/Breakfast
 9:00 Leave Lexington (9:00 EST)
 Series MB Program
(A-session MBs)
 Series MB Program
(B-Session MBs)
 Series MB Program
(C-Session MBs)
Camp Service Project
 10:00    Depart Nashville (CST)
 12:00Arrive Boxwell (CST)
 1:00 Afternoon Program
Afternoon Program 
Afternoon Program  
 5:30/5:45 Flag Lowering/ Dinner
Flag Lowering/ Dinner
Flag Lowering/ Dinner
 Flag Lowering/ DinnerArrive Lexington (4:00 EST)
 7:00Opening Campfire
Evening Program
 Evening Program Closing Campfire
 10:00   Lights Out 
 Lights Out 
Lights Out  
Lights Out