Troop News - 22 July 17

Post date: Jul 23, 2017 2:25:19 PM

Dear Scout Parents,

I hope everyone had a good summer. We have an upcoming meeting and camp out, so I thought to send out a new Troop News email.

Registration Fees: The registration fees haven't changed and so will be 65 USD for scouts. 25 USD goes to the council and the remainder pays for advancements, equipment, and other troop stuff. It does not cover the handbooks, uniforms items, and camping fees/food. Please bring the money to the first meeting. Adults are a flat $25 for registered leaders, which goes all to the council.

Summer Advancements: For those boys who worked at advancements over the summer (to include summer camp), they should bring/show whatever paperwork (blue cards, charts, sheets, scout handbook, etc.) to the first meeting so we can update the troop records.

Troop Patches: The troop council shoulder patches have been shipped and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival. The cost is 2.50 USD each.

Troop T-Shirts: Stacie Weddle has sent everyone voting options for a Troop (aka "Class B") T-Shirt. Estimated cost is 16 USD.

Troop Neckerchiefs: This is something we will still need to work on.

Recruiting: This last year we focused on forming a troop - finding where to camp, etc. This coming school year, I would like us to focus (especially in the beginning) on recruiting more scouts. For a troop to be considered sustainable, it should have at least 15-20 boys. This will allow us to create two patrols, which will give the boys more leadership opportunities. The best recruiting age is probably middle school (11-13) as it's when boys usually have the camping bug. We have two recruiting events (1 Aug - the CLO back to School Event and 19 Aug the Join Scouting Day that Anne put together) coming up, where we need scouts to talk about scouting and the troop. The first event, 1 August, is a Back to School event at the Embassy Barbecue Pavilion where we will have a table along with the Cub and Girl Scouts. The second is a scouting informational day. Every volunteer should be in full uniform and have a signup sheet at the very least. If anyone has any artistic talent, a sign or poster would be great to have.


Dave Emmert