Eagle Scouts

 Troop 76 has a long and distinguished list of Eagle scouts.  Our Eagles meet all the BSA requirements in addition to our own additional requirements that ensure our Eagle candidates are an integral part of the troop leadership while they are working on their Eagle rank requirements.  Our Eagles are powerful mentors to our younger scouts and are among our greatest resources.  Achieving the rank of Eagle is very difficult and requires significant focus and effort, yet a high percent of Troop 76 scouts manage to achieve this rank each year!

Here are a few useful resources that are used at the beginning of the Trail-to-Eagle:

1) BSA Eagle Rank Requirements
2) Scoutmaster letter and Troop 76 expectations
3) National Eagle Scout Association

Troop 76 Eagles

NameDate AchievedProjectSponsor
182. Daniel I. Gerardi 2014 Renovate Memorial Garden at the Apple Barn Simsbury Culture, Parks, & Recreation Department 
181. Christopher J. Mangine 2014 Benches for Visitors Simsbury Historical Society 
180. John P. Polizzi 2013 Renovate Retaining Wall First Church of Christ 
179. Dylan W. Boyer 2013 Shed and Landscaping FAVARH - The Arc of the Farmington Valley 
178. Paul A. Richard 2013 Shelves for all Student Bathrooms Henry James Memorial School 
177. John T. Boysen 2013 Dog Adoption Baskets The Simon Foundation 
176. Nathaniel C. Lungarini 2013 Shed at Virgina Connolly Residence Simsbury Housing Authority 
175. Mark L. Gschwind 2013 Organization System for Equipment Storage Shed Friends of Simsbury Crew 
174. Nicholas J. Catalano 2012 Repurpose Shed for Equipment Storage at Memorial Field Simsbury Softball League 
173. Ryan D. Carr 2012 Elevated Walkway and Steel Bridge Community Farm of Simsbury 
172. Ryan J. Coe 2012 Produce and Record Books on Tape Squadron Line Elementary School 
171. Noah M. Cyr 2012 Renovation of Outdoor Fire Pit Area Covenant Presbyterian Church 
170. Thomas J. Gallerani 2012 Vials of Life Emergency Medical Information Program The Aging and Disabilities Commission 
169. Trey W. Proctor 2012 Chicken Coop and Renovate Structure Community Farm of Simsbury 
168. William H. Conard-Malley 2012 Rebuild Foot Bridge The Simon Foundation 
167. Keiko F. Kaplan 2011 Raised Planting Boxes for Senior Citizens Simsbury Housing Authority 
166. William W. Oliver 2011 Farmington River Clean-up and Protection Program Farmington River Watershed Association 
165. Samuel J. Capobianco 2011 Children’s Library Renovation First Church of Christ 
164. Ross P. Harmon 2011 Renovation and Improvements of West Mountain Blue Trail Simsbury Land Trust 
163. James A. DePasquale 2011 Restoration of Church Entry Doors Saint Catherine of Siena Church 
162. Connor S. Barnett 2011 Trail Improvements on the Owen/Mortimer Property Simsbury Land Trust 
161. David P. Melvin 2011 Elevated Walkway on the Owen/Mortimer Property Simsbury Land Trust 
160. Stephen M. Draghi 2011 Trail Renovation and Bridge FAVARH - The Arc of the Farmington Valley 
159. John H. Conard-Malley 2011 Storage Cubbies for Paine Boathouse Locker Rooms Friends of Simsbury Crew 
158. Jonathan M. Saucier 2010 Equipment Shed at Simsbury Farms High Ropes Course Simsbury Culture, Parks, & Recreation Department 
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