Your experience with BSA and Troop 76 doesn't end when you turn 18!  Scouts of Troop 76 are part of our troop for the rest of their lives.  We encourage our alumni to come back to help at troop events and attend Court of Honor (COH) ceremonies.  At our COH in December several alumni returned from college to attend.  Each was presented with a copy of "Legacy of Honor" by Alvin Townley.  To help our alumni get a good start in their undergrad education, Troop 76 also offers a significant college scholarship to those scouts that stay actively involved with the troop and community through their senior year in high school.

One of our most notable alumni is Felix DelGreco.  Felix was a member of the Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 102nd Infantry, out of New Haven, Connecticut.  On April 9th, 2004, Felix died in Baghdad, Iraq, when an improvised explosive devise and small arms fire struck his mounted patrol.  The scholarship mentioned above is in honor of Felix and representative of Felix's care and regard for others.  To learn more about Felix, please visit the page on this site dedicated in his honor.

All alums! Please send Mrs Proctor or Mr Carr updates on what you are up to.  Where you are at college, what your major is, or just what you're interests are now and how your scouting experience has helped out.  Well post them here to share with the rest of our troop and friends.

Ben and Nate Bailey Pedal Across the Country

posted Dec 28, 2010, 11:54 AM by Dan Carr   [ updated Dec 28, 2010, 12:11 PM ]

In summer 2010, Ben and Nate Bailey pedaled from Oregon to Virginia, touching wheels in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.  The trip took three months and covered over 3,000 miles.  The guys planned and supported the trip themselves, and camped in parks along the way.  It's a great story you can read about here:

Nate gradutated from Simsbury High in 2010 and earned his Eagle rank in 2007.  His brother Ben is also an Eagle in the troop (2004), and graduated SHS in 2008.  Scoutmaster Emeritus Todd Bailey is their dad.

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