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Mission Impossible

Are next Mission Impossible adventure will be 1/17/15

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! This special trip is one of our key cold weather camping trips. It takes place at Camp Moses in Russell, MA! It’s held mid-January, promising the chance for Bluenose Patches! All Boy Scouts on this event have the option of tarp/snow shelters or tents. There is also a cabin where we'll have a warm stove and soup/hot chocolate on all day for Scouts to warm up.

Mission Impossible is always a themed campout. It typically involves some orienteering and overcoming some evil venture plan.

Highlights from Mission Impossible 2013
As they do every year, Ventures went up to Camp Moses Friday night for a pizza dinner and to plan and rehearse their program. Surprisingly, they were lights out by 10:30.

With the flu going around there was some doubt, but once again it was a great turnout for Troop 76, with a total of nearly 60 Scouts, Webelos/Parents, Ventures and Adults attending. Jack Polizzi did a great job leading the event in place of John D-B, who was away for most of the weekend at a sports event.

As always, the Ventures planned and organized the entire MI program, but thank you to all the Adults who helped out by transporting Scouts and equipment and bringing food…lots and lots of food. Speaking of food, Chris Anderson planned and executed (with his team) the meals for Scouts, Ventures and Webelos. His Dutch Oven meals were delicious, making them worth the wait.  Speaking of food again, Mr Lungarini cooked for the Adults. His Chili Lungarini was excellent. Did I say there was lots and lots of food?

Following last year’s 2 degree overnight temperature, this year’s 32 overnight temperatures seemed balmy. 

After watching Will Oliver and Connor Barnett construct a quinzhee (a type of snow cave) a group of Scouts decided to try their hand. Mr Carr and others strength tested them both by jumping up and down on the roof. They weren’t being mean, just being sure the quinzhees were safe. The Scouts’ cave didn’t survive, but the boys said it was now a great snow fort.

At the conclusion of the Scoutcraft Skill Trail the Ventures invited everyone to watch the exciting conclusion to Nate Lungarini’s ongoing saga of “Red Dawn – The U.S. Presidents Step Up.”

Fittingly, at the end of their performance there was a major spontaneous snowball fight, with Scouts attacking the Adult Patrol with repeated volleys, flanking moves, skirmishes and other military maneuvers. After about a half hour, both sides retired to plan another engagement. 

Troop 125 from Granby was also at Moses for the weekend and we invited them to share our campfire and Cracker Barrel. It was a huge success, with both Troops enjoying Scout camaraderie and learning new skits. There can be no doubt the biggest crowd-pleaser was our Venture’s “Falling Rock.” In fact, Richard Boyer’s portrayal of Falling Rock was a crashing success.  Later, the Ventures had their annual Christmas Tree Bonfire. There’s no doubt that this year’s effort could be seen by any satellites that happened to be flying by at the time.

Finally, a number of Scouts and Adults learned Cribbage over the weekend, so there may be new challengers for the Cribbage Tournament on the Ski Trip in March.  Thanks again to the effort put in by both Scouts and Adults.

Highlights from Mission Impossible 2012

No snow in Simsbury? Just head north to Camp Moses for our annual Mission Impossible campout. 

We all recognize that when it comes to adhering to Scouting principles and having a good time, Troop 76 stands among the best…but when it comes to winter camping, our Scouts kick it up another notch. 

Knowing that they'd be camping out in temperatures near 0° was no deterrent to our Troop. All told, 45 Scouts, Ventures, and 7T6 adults attended this year’s MI. As testimony to our “be prepared” confidence, in addition to a handful of first time Blue Nose campers (18° or lower), more than 30 were Blue Nose Repeaters! Now, that’s impressive. 

But it’s not all. 30 Webelos and Webelos parents also joined the campout and activities…but staying overnight in the lodge, as Webelos are not allowed to stay outside when the temperature drops below 40°. (For that, our popular annual September Farmington River canoe/kayak/water sports trip is THE event to attend.) Rigby and Justin did a great job leading the two Webelos Patrols.

“Cowboys and Aliens” was the theme the Ventures picked this year (led by Ryan and Nate). The storyline didn't even loosely follow the movie. Patrols went out on the trail locating skill stations set up and run by our Venture Scouts. At each station, they collected pieces of a map that, when put together, directed them to the location of the Final Battle to Save Earth and rescue Connor, the Troop’s kidnapped Senior Patrol Leader.

After supper and a campfire of songs, skits and jokes, the Webelos capped off the night by making neckerchief slides with the troop branding irons.

Adults were fed by Master Camp Chef Lungarini, whose delicious chili and cornbread prepared them for the cold night ahead. As is MI tradition, leftovers were offered to the Ravenous Wolves, aka Venture Scouts. For breakfast, Chef Lungarini surprised the Adults (and himself) by serving a new Italian dish of Uovo Bianco (White Eggs.) 

Of course, Mission Impossible wouldn’t be complete if the Ventures didn’t burn a Christmas Tree or two. Thanks to our fellow scouts at Troop 174, whose Christmas trees make the blaze possible. We strongly recommend their high quality product.

Thanks to all…Scouts, Ventures and Adults…who worked to make the camping trip a success.

Highlights from Mission Impossible 2005

Our campout at Camp Moses in Massachusetts was a success. We had great participation, with nearly 30 Scouts attending. A third of those were Senior Scouts. Thanks to  who organized the Mission with a Medieval theme, and to all the Seniors who set up a great course. The Troop both enjoyed and learned from it.

Scout used their skills and teamwork to win the Holy Scoutmaster's Cup. There was a last minute attempt to steal the Cup by a group of errant knights, but the would-be thieves were arrested and the Cup was saved. Since the event was on ScoutView, we were able to see it a second time in slow motion.

As usual, Cracker Barrel was boisterous and a good time. In addition to several old standby skits, Troop 76 continues to work on perfecting a new category, the Random Purpose skit. It's clearly intended as a tribute to the stream of consciousness method used by James Joyce, Virginia Woolfe and others. (You had to be there.) There was also a gratuituous Roasting of the Camp Master, probably triggered by jealousy of his hat.

The nighttime temperature dropped to 10 degrees, but the Scouts slept well. Some camped in tents, while others constructed winter shelters. New Blue Nosers, including two adults who slept out, will receive their patches at the next Court of Honor.

R Proctor,
Dec 23, 2011, 7:43 AM