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Scoutmaster's Minute

This topic I borrowed from my father. He just turned 89, drives a Jeep, works his tree farm and scores 22 average in Skeet. A retired High School teacher he is also an Eagle Scout with four Palms. If anyone wants their Steak the bar has just been raised.

Anyway here is a favorite of his…

The Smartest Man in the World

As three part jokes would have it…A Priest, A Boy Scout and The Smartest Man in the World were on an airplane in dire distress and going down fast. The pilot and co-pilot are rushing by the three, heading for the door and buckling their Parachutes. As they dive out the door they explain that the plane only has two extra “chutes” and that they’ll have to fight it out for survival.  

The Smartest Man in the World jumps up and loudly announces;” Since I am the Smartest Man in the World every living soul on earth is dependant on my infinite knowledge and so I must live to save the world”. With that, he buckles himself into the harness and dives out of the door.

The Priest says to the Scout; “I have lived a long life. I have counseled many a sinner and saved many souls. You go ahead and take the last Parachute. I will stay behind and meet the lord”.

“Hang on father”, says the scout,” We’re not as bad off as you might think! The Smartest Man in the World just jumped out of the plane wearing my backpack and we have two perfectly good parachutes to use!”

To the recent graduates and those still in school awaiting final examination week…

Prepare to go forth into the summer as the Priest and the Scout.  Vast knowledge is sheer folly if not tempered with reverence and the ability to apply one’s self. Scouting prepares you by guiding and tuning your abilities to discern right from wrong, a good choice from a bad choice, and application of skills to handle yourself in the world.

So talk less, Watch and Listen more, and have a great summer!

Your Scoutmaster…