Why You Should Join Our Club

BRANCH Out is back! After a short hiatus at the end of last year, we've got a new website and new motivation. Come join us so you can finally do that hiking in the Poconos you've been meaning to do all semester or learn how to make a fire that actually stays lit. 

Here ends the cheesy welcome speech. In truth, if you're interested in hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, trekking, or just about anything else, we'd love to try it out. If you've got any ideas about what's best to do around Philly, you have a bunch of gear, or you'd just like to be in on the brainstorming, feel free to email us! Last but not least, make sure you like our page on facebook!

   - Sara and Kathryn

What's the Best About Our Club?

We had a bit of trouble writing this part of the website. What's best about BRANCH out? It's either the fact that Pennsylvania is a gorgeous state and BRANCH out is devoted to exploring it or that we provided incredibly needed relaxation in the midst of the hectic tri-co life. What do you think?