W. Bryan Pearce

952 Arapahoe Cir • Louisville, CO 80027

(720) 261-0411 • wbpearce@hotmail.com


Software Engineer with 20 years’ experience with professional large and small scale software applications.  Expertise in designing, coding, testing and maintaining programs for business logic and user interfaces. Specialized in development of user interfaces and business layers targeting enterprise level development 



Languages: C# and .NET, SQL, UML, XML, HTML, Javascript, MySQL, Ajax

Development Software: MS Visual Studio.NET 2003, 2005 and 2008, MOSS 2007, MS Visual Source Safe, MS Visual C++ 4.0, MS-SQL Enterprise Manager and Server Management Studios, Microsoft Access, Visio, NUnit, MS Visual Basic, Borland C++ Builder 3 and 5, VCL

Operating Systems: Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4, Windows 95, MS-DOS, OS/2, VMS, DCL, Unix (Altos Xenix)

Hardware: PC, DEC/VAX, Altos (Unix), Tandem

U.S. Patents: Contributor to U.S. Patent #6266575 and #6119051

Certifications: MCAD (2006)




Independent Contractor, Louisville, Colorado                                                          Jan 2009 - present

Independent Contractor


DALBEY EDUCATION INSTITUTE, Westminster, Colorado                                    Mar 2007 - Jan 2009

Software Developer II

  • Developed commercial web sites for customer acquisition, affiliate tracking, auto response emails, order finalization and fulfillment, using C# and ASP.NET.
  • Built shopping cart user controls and logic layer for re-use, which were then utilized in all ecommerce sites in the company.
  • Developed web service for external vendors to make product orders utilizing the shopping cart layer.
  • Consulted with marketing and other departments to determine requirements for web sites and back end functionality.
  • Developed multiple short term applications, admin tools and nightly batch processes, to support the needs of the business.


AVANADE, INC, Seattle, Washington                                                                          Aug 2004-Mar 2007

Solutions Developer


Navitaire project - Major release of an airline reservation system.

  • Refactored the user and session portions of the core system by designing new interfaces and contracts for the remoted objects
  • Separated the core code into application silos for a service-oriented architecture


Tulane Health Portal project - Short-term project for community access to health information.

  • Developed portal and content management functionality
  • Built static content, group discussions, wiki site, and security using Windows Forms authentication


Pegasus project - Stabilization phase of a Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) being developed for state governments.  The MMIS system was developed in C# and ASP.NET using a highly structured in-house architecture.


  • Team lead and mentor over two junior developers, developing in Visual Studio 2005, C# and SQL Server 2005
  • Resolved defects following customer documentation and testing procedures, and trained team members to do the same
  • Team Lead over two additional developers in a short-term effort to design and build a back office ASP.NET 2.0 application for managing tracking and audit information for the MMIS system, and maintaining trading partner data and configurations
  • Wrote work estimates and maintained customer relationship


CDLE project – Automation of unemployment claims for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE)


  • Extensively used many of the .NET framework facilities including XML Web Services and ADO .NET for the application’s business logic tier  
  • Leveraged the Avanade Connected Architecture for .NET (ACA.NET) facilities like Logging, Data, and Batch Services
  • Corrected defects in Reporting to Batch processes, in VB.NET code and ACA.NET configurations
  • Provided defect resolution and formal testing


CSTARS project - Replaced the existing title and registration systems at the state and county offices for the Colorado State Titling and Registration System. The project made extensive use of many .NET framework facilities including ASP.NET, Web Forms, XML, and SQL Server 2000. 


  • Initially involved in designing processes and user interfaces.
  • Collaborated with the customer to refine requirements and produce UML use case flows and screen designs  
  • Briefly led a small team of developers in creating wire-frame screen designs
  • Developed user screens in ASP.NET and XML, and also rules engine code in XML  
  • Developed rule sinks in C# for more specialized processing of user panels and data which were developed to be generic and re-usable and were utilized by many other developers on the project
  • Developed and debugged CSTARS code as part of the team where we met all of our deliverable deadlines



RESULTS DIRECT, Tucson, Arizona                                                         July 2003-January 2004

Web Applications Developer

  • Developed, maintained and enhanced web applications using Cold Fusion Studio, HTML, MS-SQL, and MS-Access.  Designed and implemented databases, user input forms, email applications, and plans for migration of applications to production environments.
    Examples: www.itasa.com, www.informex.org.
  • Designed web service using C#.NET for personalization and profiling of web traffic to customer sites.  Used UML sequence diagrams to design processes underlying the web service.



INDEPENDENT WEB DEVELOPMENT, Tucson, Arizona                                              Feb 2003

  • Developed “For Sale By Owner” web pages for www.realtorfelix.com in C#, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET using Visual Studio .NET and MS-Access.



BELL AND HOWELL MMT CO., Tucson, Arizona                                      July 1998 - Nov 2002

Software Engineer

Designed and developed:

  • C# objects for configuring applications and XML as part of a development framework using MS Visual Studio.NET and C#.
  • ASP.NET application, and corresponding remotable C# business objects, to add, update, and delete objects from a data store using MS Visual Studio.NET and C#.
  • Web controls for displaying and interfacing with C# business objects using MS Visual Studio.NET and C#.
  • GUI software components for use on touch screen monitors which contributed to in-house development of other applications.

Significant development/maintenance:

·         NUI, application user interface to mass mailing machines, including GUI screens, business objects and reports, using Borland C++ Builder, VCL, STL, and SQL.

  • IntellaCtr, software for managing mass mailing shops using Borland C++ Builder, VCL, STL, and SQL.
  • Ported IntellaCtr and NUI applications from Borland C++ Builder 3 to Borland C++ Builder 5.


*  Hired for permanent position based on excellent performance as contractor through TekWork, Inc.



ANALYSTS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, Kansas City, Missouri  Dec 1997 - July 1998

Staff Consultant

·         Continued work for DST Technologies.  Port of AWD v2.3 workflow product from Windows NT to Windows 95 using MS Visual C++ 4.2, MFC and SOM.



DST TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Kansas City, Missouri                                    Nov 1995 - Dec 1997


Developed:·         Application software for AWD v 2.3 workflow products using MS Visual C++ 4.2, MFC, Visual Age C++ and SOM for Windows NT, Windows 95, and OS/2.

·         AWD Object repository in C++ for passing objects between processes in a multi-threaded environment using named pipes and semaphores for inter-process communication.

·         AWD Service Menu Editor using MFC’s Single Document Interface classes.

·         Dialog-based configuration screens for AWD/Scan using MS Visual C++ 4.2, MFC, Zapp, and MS Visual Basic 4.0


WORLDSPAN, Kansas City, Missouri                                                             Dec 1987 - Nov 1995


PC Environment

·         Designed and maintained external monitoring system of Worldspan’s Travelshopper product (tabledriven, conversational user interface that allowed users to make travel reservations) in MS-C 5.1 using modem communication and presentation graphics calls.


Tandem Environment

·         Project leader for “Supertransaction” car rental development for CompuServe and Microsoft Expedia.


DEC/VAX/VMS Environment

·         Maintained and enhanced multi-threaded session server utilizing asynchronous interprocess communications to intelligently process user requests into many reservation system transactions (Supertransaction).

·         Maintained and enhanced Travelshopper.

·         Designed and implemented multi-table database reports to produce statistics for user sessions.

·         Worked with team members to port Travelshopper from Altos-Xenix to VAX/VMS environment.

·         Tuned and reconfigured relational databases for performance improvement.

·         Designed and implemented code to book travel tours through Supertransaction on DATAS and System One reservation systems.


MAPLE WOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Kansas City, Missouri                     Jan - May 1992


Taught Introduction to Computer Programming - Pascal





·         Attended International Digital Media Arts Association (IDMAA) conference, March 2004.

·         Co-lead workshop at IDMAA conference entitled “Computer Games in University Classrooms.”

·         Member of Learning Games Initiative at the University of Arizona, a group of scholars and technical professionals researching various aspects of computer games.





Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of Kansas                                        May 1987

Certifications: MCAD - Microsoft Certified Application Developer  

Additional Training:  MCAD Exam preparation, Design patterns, OLE/ActiveX, Java 2, Tandem pathways programming, Stratus, Oracle, Informix SQL, Unix (Altos Xenix), Data Modeling, Dale Carnegie Training