Bryan Field - Bespoke Pens

Fine handcrafted pens for the discriminating client. Pocket jewelry which makes a personal statement.

Classic automobiles, tailored suits, fine leather purses and disposable writing instruments do not go together.

Mass produced pens from the likes of Cross, Parker or Mont Blanc send no message except that you follow the crowd..

Wear a pen which says something about you.

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A buyer should see and feel these pens to appreciate them.To purchase a pen or to
 order your custom design contact us using the information on the Ordering page.
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Professional Service

Most of our pens are customized for our clients. After the design is agreed upon and the order taken, we start work, There are several stages of construction and clients should allow two to three weeks for delivery. At each step of the way, our clients are notified of the progress of their pen.International Association of Penturners
I am a member of the International Association of Penturners.

Pens can be made from a wide variety of products, from modern acrylic plastics to natural products like wood and antler.  There is wide variability from one piece to another in both natural and acrylic products so great care goes into the selection and matching of  appropriate materials.
 If you have an old family heirloom, or a favorite tree in your backyard, the wood from that can be used to produce a pen that will have lasting sentimental value.

Quality Results

Our clients can expect complete satisfaction. All pens are inspected for mechanical and material defects before leaving the workshop. If, upon receipt,  you are not satisfied with the product, return it for a refund.

Satisfied Customers

Thanks Bryan! I'm so excited to give it to my husband!!!
K.M. (Olive Wood pencil)

The pen is beautiful, and it came out better than I anticipated. It was great that I was able to customize the colors and wood type. My fiance is going to love it! Thank you!
C.R. (Goncalvo alves and acrylic)

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To order your custom design contact us using the information on the Ordering page.

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