Brussels Bedrooms

Need to spend some nice time in Brussels with cool flatmates ?

You don't know Brussels, and have no idea where to start ?

You're a trainee or a young professional and want to live among other young people from all countries?

You need a short or long term flexible lease ?

You dream of a fully furnished, cosy and quiet room in a clean and well equipped house, with all facilities ?

You have to be close to city center or european area ?

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But for sure, you want a quick and easy solution and a awesome place with cool people !

Have a look here !

You're at the right place !

3 houses : Monrose House, Gustave House , Roodebeek

and 1 flat : Plasky Flat

located in a very nice & safe part of Brussels

are entirely dedicated to people like you !

Welcome home !

and enjoy your time in Brussels ;-)

Check the availability and contact St├ęphanie at