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Thank you for downloading Bru'n Water.  We hope you find the program useful.  The link to the file is at the bottom of this page.  Scroll down the page, Please.
Version 1.16b is now available in US units and SI (metric) units. 
Enhancements include:
  • Another correction for acid calculations using % strength
  • Update to acid calculations.
  • Refinements for program stability.
  • Substantial improvement to User Interface.
  • Important correction of an error in pH estimation.
  • Further expanded Instructions and Water Knowledge sections.
  • Bicarbonate concentration on Water Adjustment sheet includes the Carbonate contribution from the Water Report Input sheet.
  • Updated water profiles with reduced bicarbonate starting estimates better match practical brewing conditions.
  • Correction for Acid Malt strength.
  • Screen shots of upgraded Bru'n Water version.

    Note: Operating Bru'n Water with Open Office does produce a Scripting Framework error warning when the drop-down selection boxes are changed on the Water Adjustment sheet.  The new drop-down selection is properly selected, but a warning will pop up.  The warning does not appear to affect the program operation.  Click OK to dismiss the warning.  Installing the LibreOffice software instead of Open Office avoids the problem.

    WARNING: The newest version (4.0) of LibreOffice is still full of bugs that may prevent Bru'n Water from operating properly.  Download and install version 3.6 of LibreOffice until they get the newest version worked out.

    If working with LibreOffice, only save files as .xls files since saving as .ods files apparently erases the text from the pop-up comment boxes. 
    Comments and suggestions are welcome and can be sent to the author at: mabrungard@hotmail.com 
    To support the program development and show your support, small donations can be made through PayPal to the author's email address above.  A link to the PayPal login is provided below.  Use the SEND MONEY tool and select the PERSONAL tab to direct a GIFT amount to the developers.
    Get the Supporters Version of Bru'n Water.
    A customized file will be emailed to your account in a few days.  Be sure to include your name when making a donation since the customized version will include it.

    Enjoy Better Brewing!
     Like the Bru'n Water page on Facebook for occasional discussions on brewing water chemistry and Bru'n Water operation. 

    DO NOT click on the (Bru'n Water.xls) file names below.  Clicking those file name icons below starts the program in GOOGLE DOCS and this will not properly download the program to your machine.  All you will get is 58 pages of junk.  Click on the Links above to download the programs.  This is a Google thing that we have no control over. 

    **Our upgraded version of Bru'n Water that includes complete integration of Liter, Gallon, Hectoliter, and Barrel measurements that now make Bru'n Water suitable for Home and Craft Brewers around the world is now available only to Bru'n Water Supporters.  The program includes an improved user interface, more error checking and guidance, and special settings that make it possible to quickly assess revised brewing techniques that improve mash pH performance.  This version also includes CRS acid calculation that is useful for UK brewers.  Consider becoming a Bru'n Water Supporter!


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    Jul 19, 2013, 2:09 PM
    Martin Brungard,
    Jul 19, 2013, 2:08 PM