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Alert! Supporters will receive their copy of a personalized Bru'n Water program sent to the email link associated with their PayPal donation. 

To help prevent some email providers from arbitrarily blocking email spreadsheet attachments, Bru'n Water files are now sent to Supporters with a .dat extension instead of .xls. The file must be renamed with a .xls extension by the User. 


GMAIL users must review their Spam folder since that is where the message with their program will end up.

Your program is a customized version and it may take a day or so to produce and send. Don't expect instant service!

This email message with your program is routinely intercepted in Spam Folder since email attachments are often regarded as 'suspicious'.  Be sure to check your Spam or Trash Folders after you have made a donation, in case our message is diverted there. 

Thank you for downloading Bru'n Water.  We hope you find the program useful.  The link to the file is at the bottom of this page.  Scroll down the page, Please.
Version 1.24 is now available. This version includes selectable US units and SI (metric) units. 
Enhancements include:

  • Version 1.24 includes refinements in the pH prediction that are aimed to improve predictions when thin water/grist ratios are used and corrects an error looping problem.
  • Also includes a refined handling of baking soda alkalinity contributions.
  • A Simplified User Interface that is closer to the interface used in the Supporter's version.
  • User selectable US and SI unit settings.
  • Form controls have been deleted from the program which should enable the program to work on more computer platforms. There are no Macros in the program.
  • Further expanded Instructions and Water Knowledge sections.
  • Improved Roast Grain acidity calculation and mash pH prediction.

  • For best results using Bru'n Water, use Excel software. However, Apple Macintosh users may find that Excel for Mac does not perform well. That is because Excel for Mac is not a complete version of Excel and Bru'n Water may not run properly in that program. The latest version of Excel for Mac reportedly is a more complete version of Excel and may run better for you. 

    The next best option to the Excel program is currently: LibreOffice. It is preferred over Open Office. Open Office versions 4 and higher seem to operate correctly, although some of the visual appearance in Bru'n Water can be off.  If working with LibreOffice, saving files as .xls files is suggested since saving as .ods files may erase the text from the pop-up comment boxes. 
    Comments and suggestions are welcome and can be sent to the author at: mabrungard@hotmail.com 
    To support the program development and show your support, small donations can be made through PayPal to the author's email address above.  A link to the PayPal login is provided below.  Use the SEND MONEY tool and select the PERSONAL tab to direct a GIFT amount to the developers.
    Get the Supporters Version of Bru'n Water.
    A customized file will be emailed to your account in a few days.  Be sure to include your name when making a donation since the customized version will include it. GMAIL users be aware, the email message with your Supporter's version will end up in your GMAIL Spam or Trash folders. You must retrieve it yourself. Thanks to Google for that poor design.

    Enjoy Better Brewing!
    Like the Bru'n Water page on Facebook for occasional discussions on brewing water chemistry and Bru'n Water operation. 

    Be aware that you will need to adjust some settings on your device to run Bru'n Water. Blue Arrows all over your program or not calculating?  Visit the Troubleshooting Page for instructions.
    DO NOT click on the (Bru'n Water.xls) file names below.  Clicking those file name icons below starts the program in GOOGLE DOCS and this will not properly download the program to your machine.  All you will get is 58 pages of junk.  Click on the Links above to download the programs.  This is a Google thing that we have no control over. 

    Bru'n Water v5.4 is now available
    The upgraded version of Bru'n Water includes complete integration of Liter, Gallon, Hectoliter, and Barrel volume measurements that make Bru'n Water suitable for Home and Craft Brewers around the world.  

    Bru'n Water Supporters get a customized version of the program sent to them via email. (Remember to check your Spam and Trash Folders after donating) The program includes a simplified user interface, greater capability to control their mashing and water chemistry with up to 4 acids, water dilutions, and mineral and grain addition techniques that enhance the brewer's ability to control their brew. The program includes more error checking and guidance to help brewers avoid making errors in their water chemistry.  

    This version also includes CRS acid calculation that is useful for UK brewers.  Consider becoming a Bru'n Water Supporter!


    Martin Brungard,
    Sep 17, 2018, 4:29 PM