Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brunswick Boys Volleyball

  • Brunswick Boys Volleyball (BBV) is a self-funded, non-profit volleyball club committed to developing competitive volleyball skills in student athletes by establishing and growing a boys high school volleyball program in Brunswick, OH.
  • As of the school year beginning 2016, boys volleyball became a Brunswick High School sponsored school club.  Prior to 2016, BBV represented the Brunswick High School (BHS) Boys Volleyball and played other high school boys volleyball teams in the Ohio High School Boys Volleyball Association (OHSBVA).  BBV will continue to support the Brunswick High Boys Volleyball Club team until the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) sanctions the sport.

What is the OHSBVA?

  • The Ohio High School Boys Volleyball Association (OHSBVA) was created in 2001 by a vote of the athletic directors and principals of schools sponsoring boys’ volleyball teams in Ohio. OHSBVA and BBV follow the rules established for volleyball by the Ohio High School Athletic Association.
  • The purpose of the OHSBVA is to provide leadership and governance for high school boys’ volleyball until the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) sanctions the sport.

Who is eligible to play?

  • The program is open for all boys eligible to attend Brunswick High School.

When will the games be played?

  • Volleyball season runs from March through May.

When will practices be held?

  • VOLLEYBALL OPEN GYMS - Starting in the Fall (See Calendar for dates and times) open gym skills sessions will be held.  Open gyms are optional, but highly recommended. All interested students are welcome to attend as many open gyms as they can!
  • REGULAR SEASON PRACTICE - Starts during March (See Calendar for dates and times) at the listed location.  Practice will run about 2 hours, Monday - Friday, depending on gym availability. There are some nights we will not have practice due to scheduled school function conflicts. Schedule changes will be updated information on our website! Regular practices are scheduled to run throughout the season.

Is competitive volleyball experience needed?

  • NO! Experience is not needed. As a newer sport for BHS, many players will have little or no competitive volleyball experience. If you have played beach/sand volleyball or backyard volleyball and have enjoyed playing the sport and want to play in a more competitive, structured atmosphere and are willing to learn - come give it try! Don’t let your lack of experience discourage you from trying out for the team!

How many teams will there be?

  • Depending on player turnout, BBV will be organized into VARSITY and JV.
  • Parents and players should be advised that players join to learn and train, not to play. Playing time is not a given; it is earned first by hard work, positive attitude, and display of skills on the practice court. Playing time is completely at the coaches' discretion.

Team Selection - Will there be tryouts?

  • Although registration does not guarantee a position on the team, the philosophy of BBV is that every student athlete demonstrating potential should be offered the opportunity to develop skills that will enable them to excel and compete successfully at interscholastic volleyball.
  • BBV will carry a maximum player roster of 24 players. The Varsity and JV team will have approximately 9-12 players assigned to each team.  Team selections will be at the discretion of the head coach.
  • During the beginning of REGULAR SEASON PRACTICE, each players’ performance will be evaluated by the coaching staff. After this time, players may be selected for either the Varsity or JV team. 
  • It is not our intention to dismiss or "cut" players from the program, our intention is to develop players for the future of the program.  However, at the coach's discretion, players may be dismissed from the program.

How many players will there be?

  • This is a high school club team so BBV will initially focus on building Varsity and JV teams, which would require no more than 30 players.
  • The Varsity and JV team will have approximately 9-12 players assigned to each team.

What schools will we play?

  • BBV will competitively play other high school boys volleyball teams in the OHSBVA.
  • No more than 4 scrimmages & 24 regular season matches will be scheduled. 2-3 tournaments may also be scheduled.
  • Away games are played at the high schools (or other designated facilities) of other communities with a high school boys volleyball program. 
  • As a school club, school transportation may be provided by Brunswick High School.
  • Home games will be played at our BHS West Gym.

What if I am already involved in winter sports?

  • Not a problem! We understand boys interested in volleyball may be involved in winter sports (like basketball) during the volleyball open gyms. Just make us aware of that and try to attend whatever open gyms or practices you can to improve your skills.
  • Make sure we have your text or email address and other contact information so we can keep you updated with practice dates and times.
  • Don’t let your involvement in winter sports discourage you from playing volleyball!

What is the cost?

  • BBV is a nonprofit, self-funded organization!
  • The final cost per player will be determined by season start and will consist mainly of uniform cost, which the player will be allowed to keep. All efforts will be made to keep costs to a minimum.
  • There is no cost to try out and attend practices and open gyms.  
  • BHS Club Fees may apply.

What do I do next?

  • Complete the information in the “Contact Us” link of our website.
  • Make sure we have your email address and/or other contact information so we can let you know about meeting and practice dates, times and locations.
  • Please feel free to email any questions you have to:


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