University Hospital Tutorial

By Vickram Reehal 

Rotation Format

-The USC private rotation is located at the University Hospital.  You will be working with Dr. Arkfeld, Dr. Shinada, and Dr. Ehresmann.
-Gina Barles, is the contact person for this rotation.  She is located at HCC1 613.  Her phone number is 323-442-6176, pager is 877-523-9834.  She will inform you about admissions, and help with any questions about the rotations.  Consults will be called in to you directly by other residents and fellows.
-You are expected to be on pager call every day of the month, except on weekends when you are off (which happens twice a month).  On primary patients, you will be called in the evening and at night.  To minimize this, make sure all prn orders, and pain management orders are made in advance.
-When you are off, please call the pager operator at 323-442-8500 to give the name and pager of the covering fellow. Also, please sign out the patients on Friday to the covering fellow and receive sign out on Sunday evening.
-You will be primary on patients admitted directly from the privateclinic, and will be consulted on patients called in from other services.

-You are expected to be present at Monday Grand Rounds and Journal Club, Tuesday and Thursday clinic, and all Friday Core Lectures.
-Rounding schedule:
Dr. Shinada: Monday and Friday
Dr. Arkfeld:  Thursday
Dr. Ehresmann:  Tuesday and Wednesday
-You will need to call or page the Attendings in advance to confirm the time.
-Please ask Gina for the pager and cell phone numbers of the Attendings.

Technology Details
-All consults, admission H & Ps, and discharge summaries are to be dictated.
-Dictation passwords can be obtained from the medical records office (1st floor)
-Dictations that are not completed within a timely manner will result in Attendings being on suspension.  You can dictate using the EPF system.
-Obtain EPF passwords from the medical records office on the first floor.
-The CERNER computer lab system is accessible on all computers.  You can obtain your password in Medical Records on the first floor

Library, Meals and Parking
-All meals are covered with your USC badge
-You can park in the garage next to the hospital, use your badge to enter the garage.
-Obtain your badge from security at the basement of the parking garage
-There is a resident/fellow lounge located in the basement. It has internet access, as well as current journals, and desks to read and study. Be aware that your pager does not work there!  (if you want to stay there you have to tell the nurses and Gina that you are there)
-A better place to hang out is the library located in the 1st floor of the Hospital. It also have internet access.