Ketut Liyer

Medicine man, healing and meditation, palm reading, balinese astrology, painter en wood carver, home stay


street : Pengosekan - Mas

town : Ubud

country : Bali - Indonesia

telephone : 0361/97 40 92 

Google map : see below

Everyone who has read the book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert * whishes to visit this very kind and wise medicine man in Bali.

Till now you could not find his address on the internet. When I visited him, he give me his visite card so you could find him in his lovely house in Ubud. He asked me to give it to everyone in the world.

Ketut Lyir is a very kind man who says he always wants to tell the truth and will never be joking because his ancestors would not alowe this. 

He always welcomes everywhone - even foreign people, he speaks English - as it  is his daily duty for ever till he dies. I have written this information here because he would like it.

This the street where he lives.

Links on the internet

* translated in Dutch as "Eten, Bidden en Beminnen"