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SUNSET Project (2016-2019)

Labex ComminLabs Project:

SunSet project aims at developing an innovative training system based on immersive and collaborative virtual reality technology for training and evaluating non-technical skills. This approach will be implemented and evaluated in the context of training neurosurgical scrub nurse. It will integrate methods and systems developed in the S3PM project on procedural knowledge1. By relying on Human Factors approaches, the project will address training and evaluation of interpersonal skills. Whereas the developed technologies and approaches will be generic and adaptable to any surgical specialty, the project will evaluate the developed system within training sessions performed with scrub nurses. The ambition of the project is double: to propose novel approaches for surgical non-technical skill learning and assessment, and to implement and install the developed training factory at the University Hospital of Rennes, and evaluate it with real scale user experiments.

  • MediCIS team from LTSI U1099
  • HYCOMES team is a joint Inria Rennes / Irisa team
  • Hybrid Team is a joint Inria Rennes / Irisa team
  • The Centre de Recherches en Psychologie, Cognition et Communication (CRPCC, E.A. 1285) is a multi-site research institute (Université Rennes 2, Université Bretagne-Sud et Université Bretagne Occidentale)
  • The Neurosurgical department of the Pontchaillou University Hospital (CHU)

IRMA Project (2015-2016)

CNRS Interdisciplinary Imag'in Project:

The IRMA project aims to develop innovative methodologies for research in the field of historical and archaeological heritage based on a combination of medical imaging technologies andmultimodal 3D interactions (virtual reality , augmented reality, haptic, additive manufacturing). These tools are based on recent research results from a close collaboration between IRISA UMR 6074, the National Institute for Research in Preventive Archaeology (Inrap), the Research Center in Archaeology and History ArchéoSciences (CReAAH UMR 6566) and the company “Image ET”. The results are intended for professionals of cultural heritage such as museums, restorers, and archaeologists.

IRMA video

S3PM Project (2013-2017)

Labex ComminLabs Project:

S3PM is a 3-year project (2013-2016) funded by Labex CominLabs.
In this project, we aim at computing generic models of surgical procedures from synthesis of structured recordings of patient specific procedures. We also aim at representing such generic models of procedural knowledge in order to be executed, for instance, on simulation engines. S3PM aims at providing specific models, tools and software to create a collaborative virtual environment dedicated to neurosurgery processes using observations of real processes.

  • Medicis team  (LTSI/Inserm),
  • S4 team and (IRISA/Inria).
  • Hybrid team (IRISA/Inria).

S3PM video

Collaboration and role video

S3PM video


Previz Project (2013-2016)

FUI Project:

Previz was a 3-year project (2013-2016) funded by the competitive cluster "Images et Réseaux". Previz involved 4 Academic partners (Hybrid/INSA Rennes, ENS Louis-Lumière, LIRIS, Gipsa-Lab) and 9 Industrial partners (Technicolor, Ubisoft, SolidAnim, loumasystem, Polymorph). Previz aims at proposing new previsualization tools for movie directors. Our goal in Previz was to introduce new interactions between real and virtual actors so that the actor’s actions, no matter his/her real or virtual nature, impact both the real and the virtual environment. The project end up with a new production pipeline in order to automatically adapt and synchronize the visual effects (VFX), in space and time, to the real performance of an actor.

Previz video

Complete film in French


ImData Project (2013-2016)

IRT b<>com Project:

This project is done in the context of the IRT b<>com. It is a French Institute of Research and Technology (IRT). The main goal of this IRT is to fasten the development and marketing of tools, products and services in the field of digital technologies. 

SIFORAS Project (2011-2013)

FUI Project:

SIFORAS (Simulation for training and assistance) is a 3-year project (2011-2014) funded by the competitive cluster "Images et Réseaux". SIFORAS involves 4 academic partners (INSA Rennes, ENIB, CEA-List, ENISE) and 9 Industrial partners (Nexter Training, Delta CAD, Virtualys, DAF Conseils, Nexter Systems, DCNS, Renault, SNCF, Alstom). This project consists in developing a pedagogical system for technical training in industrial procedures. It aims at proposing Instructional Systems Design to answer the new objectives of training (Intelligent Tutorial System, mobility, augmented reality, high productivity). The Hybrid implication in the project shares some common means and goals with the Corvette project, in particular concerning its global architecture based on STORM and LORA models, and exploiting GVT software.

Corvette Project (2010-2014)

ANR Project:

(COllaboRative Virtual Environment Technical Training and Experiment) was a 4-year ANR project (2011-2014) led by Bruno Arnaldi. It involves 3 Academic partners (INSA Rennes, ENIB, CEA- List) and 4 Industrial partners (AFPA, Nexter Training, Virtualys, Golaem). CORVETTE aims at designing novel approaches for industrial training (maintenance, complex procedures, security, diagnosis, etc) exploiting virtual reality technologies. The project has three main research axes: collaborative work, virtual human, communication and evaluation. The project seeks to put in synergy: 1) Virtual Human for its ability to embody the user as an avatar and acting as a collaborator during trainingj; 2) Natural communication between users and virtual humans for task-oriented dialogues; and 3) Methodologies in cognitive psychology for the assessment of the effectiveness of the collaboration of users and virtual humans to perform complex cooperative tasks in VR. All these components have been integrated into a unified environment based on an industrial scenario. Several evaluations regarding the different technologies developed in the project have also been achieved.

YouTube Video: Corvette

Corvette video

For more see: https://corvette.irisa.fr/en

Part@ge Project (2007-2010)

I was the leader of Part@ge Project. Part@ge was a RNTL (National Network on Software Technologies) Platform dedicated to Collaborative Works. This project was Granted by ANR (French National Agency for Research).

Planned for 3 years with a beginnig in January 2007, the partnership of Part@ge is composed of:
  • Laboratories: INSA de Rennes, ESIEA, INRIA, CEA-List, University of Bordeaux 1, University of Méditerranée
  • Companies: FT R&D, CLARTE, Renault, Sogitec, Virtools, Haption, Thales
For more, see http://www.rntl-partage.fr

INTUITION Project (2004-2008)

INTUITION is a Network of Excellence (FP6) started in September 2004. This project is dedicated to Virtual Reality.

GVT Project (2001-2008)

GVT Project

GVT (Generic Virtual Training) is an industrial project in partnership with ENIB and Nexter-System (former Giat Industries) dedicated to Maintenance Training using VR.

For more see http://www.nexter-group.fr/fr/generic-virtual-training

PERF-RV Project (2001-2004)

I was the leader of PERF-RV Project. PERF-RV was a RNTL (National Network on Software Technologies) Platform dedicated to Virtual Reality. This project was granted by French Ministry of Research.

  • Companies: CLARTE, Renault, EADS, PSA Peugeot Citroën, EDF, Dassault Aviation, IFP, Giat Industries, Adepa, AFPA, Haption
For more, see http://www.perfrv.org