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Iā€™m currently member of the Hybrid team of IRISA / INRIA Center

My current research interest covers:

  • Virtual Reality: The real-time interaction of users facing multimodal immersive environments (image, haptic feedback and sound) is now a very big challenge for industrial applications such as virtual training, digital mockup design, etc.
  • Software development: the integration and validation of research activities lead to implement the original solution and algorithms in order to test them on real industrial problem. It is only possible with the use of carefully designed and developed software.
  • Models for human motion: this subject concerns the introduction of high-level real-time motion models for virtual characters. These models are based on kinematic or kinetic properties in association with motion capture techniques.
  • Physical models: the introduction of physical laws (mechanical ones) inside virtual environment can increase the realism of the motion produced by the animation systems.