Berrien Ranch Umbrella Group of South Evergreen (BRUGES) has been created to be a land use umbrella group for Homeowner Associations's and homeowners in south Evergreen, similar to ENABLE in north Evergreen and COHOPE in south Jefferson County. See the Purpose tab for more details. 
Below are the most focal projects before us at this time that have pending dates where these projects haven't been approved and the there still is time for the communities to get involved and help direct the outcomes.


Alabraska Lane directly off of 73:

Name:  Grey Ranch Original Official Development Plan Amendment One

Case #:   16-120832PA  (previously # 15-120832PA)

Case Manager:  Heather Gutherless  303-271-8716    email -  hgutherl@jeffco.us

Staff Recommendation:   "Strong" DENIAL - primary reason lack of water

Status:  Final hearing in front of County Commissioners May 15th  8am

Purpose:  to allow hotel for 40 guests.  All currently allowed uses are  low impact,  low water,  low intensity i.e. farming, ranching, forestry, home  occupations, chapel, educational, small businesses, non  manufacturing, cottage industries limited to 3 employees,  etc.

Size property:  Use Area 1 (6.29acres) includes Red Barn - used for     weddings, and other events of up to 115 people and currently includes family residence and misc. outbuildings;  Use Area 2 (5.09acres)  is currently undeveloped and this proposed amendment DOES include this area.  Total   area is 11.4 acres

For case Information:  go to Jefferson County Planning and Zoning web site at  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xlax0CkNzOw2ReDdYXvIIlirY54qHF5x/ .


Corner of Barkley Road and Hwy 73 - Jeffco documentation is located at - Jeffco Conifer Heights Case  # 18-107113RZ/.   

Name:   Originally Conifer Heights Planned Development

Case #:  18-107113RZ

Case Manager:   Nick Nelson  303-271-8727 email - nnelson@jeffco.us 

  • Jefferson County Planning and Zoning
  • 100 Jefferson County Parkway   Suite 3550
  • Golden, CO  80419 

Staff Recommendations:  TBD

Status:  1st referral stage, currently sent out to other departments, citizens and others for first comments       

Purpose:  Current zoning Planned Development (PD) allows for 11 acres of commercial and rest of land to be residential - 60 town homes.  Developer  wants to eliminate all commercial and have 104 town homes instead.

Size Property: N/A

go to Jefferson County Planning and Zoning web site at - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YPUyrliYxsT7fC-T05-FxcqE2s2zlYr/ .  

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