Welcome to Bruchion Art Institute

Bruchion Center for Art and Gnosis
was founded by fine artist, prof. em. Jan Valentin Saether in 1986.
The idea for the name came up after a lecture by Roger Weir (whose lectures Jan had attended for several years) on the ancient library of Alexandria where Bruchion was one of the buildings that housed much of the books, but was also a burgeoning museum for art. The school was situated on Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, where it operated until 1994 when Saether moved back to his native Norway to take on the position as assistant professor at the National Academy of Fine Art.

The intentions of the school harkens back to Jan's discoveries of the late 70s, which was the application of a new revolutionary language to convey the dynamics of the visual field on a flat plane. It is the extension of this that has emerged over the years to be sharpened under the heading, or focus, of seeing without an object. This state of mind (or attitude to seeing) is the continuity of professor Saether's work from the mid-'70s until today and the conclusions to this which lies at the core of the extension of Bruchion Art Institute in France.

In addition to this theoretical synthesis that builds on his analysis of principals of cave painting, classical Greek painting, and the currents of the Renaissance as well as Cézanne's theories of the visual language, comes also the physiology of paint materials and their principles at the core of the trade of the craft/the discipline.

Summer courses in France?

If you are interested in studying with prof. Saether, he offers summer courses in beautiful Poitou-Charentes, western France  from 2013 on. He and his wife, art historian and ceramist Hanne Storm Ofteland, has spent the last six years renovating an old farm. There is room for eight students in the house, a huge painting studio.

The summer of 2011 we held a special pilot course to try things out. In the future a painting course in Norwegian will be held in June, and one in English in August.