Red Ring O'Doom  

This might be a vain attempt to bring this issue back into the mainstream as Microsoft has continued to refuse to admit that there is an issue with the design of the Xbox360 console.  While there is a 3yr extension of the warranty for this (3 red lights) hardware failure, that may have caused Peter Moore to flee a sinking ship, no one seems to look at the end game.  with roughly 30% failure rate on 10 million consoles that leaves roughly 3 million of us consumers in a 3 year cycle of repairs and refurbs that will ultimately end up with us having to pay for repairs after the 3yr expires, pay for a new system, or give up and move on to Sony or Nintendo.   Personally, with the amount of money I have spent on games and add ons over the past 2 years the thought of abandoning this platform and starting over is financially daunting.  Microsoft need to do better here and my suggestion is to replace any console with a new (falcon based) more reliable system if you were to experience the same issue more than 3 times.  I will soon be on my 5th console and know people that are using their 7th.   These 1st gen poorly engineered consoles need to be melted down and recycled not frankensteined and redistributed to those of us that are unfortunate enough to experience the issues. 

So i get a call from good old Microsoft Mike today.  Unfortunately I was not home and he left a message with my wife.   know wh Apparently even though i did send additional emails requesting for them to not forward my concerns to "Mike"  he got them anyway and he called..  According to my wife he mentioned something about the recording on the site..  Don't know what he said for sure but I am confused as to why he is calling me even though I requested he not.   Is that harassment?   Meh...  
Just do the right thing!  All I want is a new system ( not a refurb) or a refund (not what I paid, just current market value) so I can go get a newer machine on my own.

Update:  Microsoft Mike is no more.....   Welcome Xbox Glenn

"Hello Bruce,
This is Glenn with the Xbox Escalation Team.  Thank you for your quick response and for carbon copying your emails to our excutive offices. I just wanted to remind you that any contact sent to our corporate offices will be forwarded on to myself as I am the person handling your case, so its not really necessary.  As stated before we are offering you a free gift of your choice from our specified list, if you do not like any of the items offered then you can always decline. The list can not be appended to or changed. Please let me know your decision by the end of day Wednesday. At that point I will be processing your decision if you have made one. Otherwise I will be closing your case.
I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you again for choosing Xbox.
And My reply...

You are very welcome for my timely reply.  I have to say that i am also quite disappointed with your (Microsoft) inability to make this situation right. 

Lets review.

-Less than 2 years ago i purchased a NEW Xbox 360
-4 times it has failed
-4 times i have not received the same "repaired" machine in return.
-I have not made outrageous demands, i have requested to have my console replaced with a new reliable ( faclon based) one and was denied. 
- I requested a current value refund of my purchase price and was denied
- I requested as compensation for being without my 360 for 4 out of 20 months a simple chatpad as a was of letting you( Microsoft) to say "sorry about that" and am being denied.
- I have run into a corporate group that are too cowardly to address these concerns on their own and send them to what is undoubtedly an outsourced service provider.
- After hearing the same speech from Mike, who was to be the "ONLY" person I would hear from I am now hearing the exact same from you Glen.

So what does this all tell me?   Tells me that Microsoft cares little about the satisfaction of their customers, because if they did the matter of a chatpad to shut me up and make me feel as if i had some sort of personal victory here would have been settled long ago.   This is not all about a chatpad Glen, its about principal.  I can go to my local Walmart and plunk down $30 for the device and be happy with it.  But i think that I am owed something by your corporation.

I am deeply disappointed in the low level of service that you are providing your troubled customers.  If you are treating me this way then you must also be treating countless others in the same manner.   I'm not a demanding individual but I am also not a pushover.  You wonder why you loose market share to your competition on a monthly basis?  Its because of poorly manufactured products( 360/Wireless wheel/wireless headset) and less than acceptable customer service experiences.

What do I want from Microsoft?   Just for you to stand behind your product and your customers.  Do NOT close my file.


Bruce White


xbox360mike.mp3   call starts about 30 seconds in...