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Almost PerfectA couple looking for their perfect 'getaway' discover more than they bargained for. [DramaPublished in Horror Newsletter 01/06/2010   Rev. 08/2014

Next Stop Las VegasA boy with a stolen childhood begins a journey to grieve his loss in his own way. His progress is thwarted by the rigid schedules, rules and regulations of the adult world which threaten to rob him of the closure he so desperately needs. [Drama] Revised 03/01/18  Published in CWG 2016 Anthology

When Pigs Fly:  A father and daughter deal with family matters including traditions, guilt, loneliness, and death. [Drama]  09/21/18

Ogglin' the GirlsA man returns with his grandson to his hometown one more. [Drama] 04/04/18

Who Am I? - After her father passes away, a daughter discovers her parents' dark past. [Drama]  05/18/18

Hollow WordsFor this story I was trying to reach into an area of emotions where I didn't want to go. It is based upon my feelings of how I would react to the loss of my wife. This story was difficult to write, but also important for me because it touches upon a subject you would never want to experience.  [Drama

Manchester County Murder Mysteries
  • The Collector: A serial killer has a unique way of finding his next victim and satisfying his needs. [Murder mystery] Rewritten 04/30/16
  • Associated: A rules enforcer for the local homeowners' association is found dead. The investigators uncover several suspects before the Feds show up and take over the investigation. [Murder mystery] Rewritten 02/23/16
Let's Not Talk About It: A soldier with PTSD who recently returned from Afghanistan meets a Vietnam veteran at a coffee shop.  [Drama

Weekend Getaway: Things don't always go as planned. A little girl's parents believe a trip to the beach will take their daughter's mind off the loss of a loved one.  [Drama

Best Friend: An imaginary friend is losing a child who is growing up. [Drama

Sacrifices: Choices are often required for career-minded people. When the opportunity of a lifetime is offered, Heidi finds that it may come with consequences she isn't ready to accept. A weekend with the family makes the choice that much more difficult.
[Drama] Revised 11/24/15

The Age of Innocence: Two raccoons learn that growing up is much more difficult than they expected. [Life lesson]  The first story I ever wrote and the first story published - 2003  Rewritten 05/24/16


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