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Moments in Time

PERSONAL STORIES - Capturing moments in time

Caught: On a cross-country flight, I find myself involved in an embarrassing situation.  Rev. 07/2011

A Patriot Found His Home: Ringgold's Festival of Flags stirs emotions within me. Published 06/26/15 Catoosa County News

Did Anyone See That?: This is what happens when you attempt something that you should never have tried, but your ego does not know when to say 'no ... this is a dumb idea.'

Tip of the Iceberg: When a letter is received, old wounds surface and the young marriage is challenged in ways the couple never saw coming.  05/2017

Cruel World: When I need to be home, I am 8,000 miles away with no way of getting there. 08/2017

Never - Ever Do: There were many things I swore I’d never do. Yet, sometimes, promises are meant to be broken. This is a moment in time - when my two-year-old child was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  06/2017

The Look: When I fly into Vietnam, this 'newbie' cannot figure out the strange look on the soldiers' faces.

Welcome Aboard - My first day aboard the U.S.S. Mauna Kea just after graduating from boot camp.  01/2018 

The Chronicles of William - An explanation for why my parents had ten children. 

There it goes, rearing its ugly head again: A story of living with self-doubt and how it ruled my life. Rev. 08/2013

For What Is A Man: A tribute to my father, William Gaughran.  The man I thought I knew, but really only got to know later in life.  

For What Is A Man - Part II: The seventh son tells his story of learning to live with Kennedy's Disease.

Voice In The Night:: Three boy scouts are winter camping and a mother decides to intervene.

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