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This Time Will Be Different

This Time Will Be Different


Momma said she’d tan my hide 

if I climbed that tree again

But Jimmy’s ‘double-dog-dare-me’ 

can’t be ignored or undone

Last time I made a foolish mistake

 when I looked down

Then my heart turned cold 

as my courage evaporated into the clouds

Unable to scream 

I gasped for air through chattering teeth

My fingers turned tingly white 

gripping the old tree trunk

Shouts from below 

disrupted my pleas for help

Please get me down 

I promise never to do this again

The fireman’s encouraging voice 

helped pry my hands loose

Only then did Momma’s cries 

turn to thank you sobs

Shaking beyond belief 

I was carried home

Momma’s gentle hands calmed my fears 

assuring me I was safe

Pappa’s threatening words 

gave way to chuckles

Stories of his childhood adventures 

made me feel accepted 

Kneeling beside my bed 

I thanked God for saving my life

When momma tucked me in 

I knew I would be all right

Looking up there this morning 

the tree doesn’t seem so tall

I’m another day older and smarter

Knowing I just can’t look down

Photo Credit: Ali110

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