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Just You and Me Teddy

Just You and Me Teddy

Mommy and daddy together

Can’t seem to get along

Constant bickering and yelling

Has just got’a be wrong


So sick of the scream’n

And tired of the tears

Apologies and unkept promises

Don’t help calm my fears


Warned them what would happen

They just don’t seem to care

When they find my bed empty

There’ll be sadness and prayers


How long have I been walk’n

There’s seems no end in sight

Hope they’ll soon be a come’n

Don’t want’a be out here tonight


Why’s that car a stop’n

Don’t know the man inside

I’ll be just fine, thank you

No, I don’t want a ride


Get’n awful dark and cold

Sure could use some sleep

Hope there’s a house up ahead

A place with comfy sheets


Why didn’t they come a look’n

Do they even care I’m gone

It’s just you and me now Teddy

There’s no one else to count on

Photo credit: Shawn Gearhart

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