Banished, Book One of the Parthinian Chronicles, published.

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Tippallo always dreamed of being a wizard. He is given the opportunity to study at the Wizards of the Word Academy in Perth, the capital city. After successfully completing the course of study under the tutelage of his mentor, Tipp has to complete one final test, the Rite of Passage, in order to be accepted into the Order. As part of the Rite, Tipp takes an oath to never use his power for anything other than healing. He is transported two hundred years into the past where Yargo, the Dark Lord, has his army holding Perth under siege. The Parthinian people are dying of starvation and disease. When Tipp appears, King Boris believes he is a great wizard who has come to defeat the enemy. He asks Tipp to use his magic to save the Parthinians from the Dark Lord who wishes to destroy them.

Constantly challenged by the Dark Lord and his armies, Tipp must find a way to save the lives of the Parthinian people without breaking his oath to never use magic against another being. With each new challenge, he is placed into situations he is not trained to handle. Going forward might result in the death of thousands of Parthinians including himself. There is no turning back and failure is not an option.  Banished