Short and Sweet

posted May 6, 2015, 1:14 PM by Bruce Gaughran   [ updated Jun 7, 2015, 12:27 PM ]

In the last six months I read at least three articles about the need to reduce the size of both fiction and non-fiction books because readers are shying away from longer books.

The article I read today on the subject is in The Book Designer: "Short is the New Black" The article mentioned a recent study on attention span. I especially liked these comments:

"But… if you want them read in the first place, be on alert. For authors and writers, less is more.

For the non-fiction author, the need to practice the art of creating a bigger impact with words by using less of them will be cherished by your readers. Fiction authors get more leeway. Your readers want to be entertained and you get more space to do it within. But never undervalue the delete button—you may love every word that flows out through your fingers, but will your reader?"

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