Brown Water Red Blood published.

posted Jan 16, 2015, 7:19 AM by Bruce Gaughran   [ updated Jun 7, 2015, 12:41 PM ]
        This week I ePublished the three short stories of my tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968. Brown Water Red Blood

        It has been 37 years and I still cannot forget. Even more interesting is why I find it difficult to adequately put these thoughts and emotions on paper. I have tried more than once, but the words do not do justice to how I feel. Is it because I am trying to forget or trying not to remember? You would think that after all this time I could just put these thoughts and emotions aside and just  get on with my life.

         The author's experiences with the Brown Water Navy, Mobile Riverine Force, in the Mekong Delta Region of the Republic of Vietnam are told in this trilogy.
  1. "Will I Finally Find Some Peace?" - Reflects upon the many memories of the author's tour of duty.
  2. "Brothers in Blood" - A firefight with the Viet Cong becomes worse when a Tango boat takes a B40 rocket hit.
  3. "No Two Minute Warning" - The sinking of a support ship by a Viet Cong 'sapper' brings the reality of war even closer."