Prophecy, Book Two of the Parthinian Chronicles, published.

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Tippallo, the wizard apprentice, failed his Rite of Passage while trying to save King Boris from the Rachaders, a race of giants who serve the Dark Lord. Because he broke his oath and used his magic for other than healing, the Wizards of the Word strip him of his powers and banish him from the Land. Tipp has only five days to travel to the Barrier. If he cannot complete the journey in time, he faces imprisonment. Tipp departs Perth guilt-ridden and in disgrace.

While the Parthinian army prepares for a major offensive against the Dark Lord’s army, Yargo, the Dark Lord, stands alone in his fortress staring into the red orb. No guards protect him. He needs none. He has no advisors to counsel him. He needs none. And, no servants wait on him – for he needs none. He is the master of dark magic.

Yargo’s orb has never failed him. Through it, he views the Land and its people, as well as the present and the past. Nothing happens anywhere within the Land without the Dark Lord knowing about it. On this day, however, the orb cannot find the young wizard. So, Yargo watches and waits for the wizard apprentice, who should already be dead. Many wizards have challenged him in the past, but none has ever made it this far. And, none before carried the Staff of Rhah. Why is this wizard different?

Once the Dark Lord locates the boy, he will kill him immediately. For the orb has another capability. The Dark Lord can use it to send his magic anywhere in the Land. Whatever Yargo can see, he can destroy.

Still many leagues away, Tipp walks towards the Dark Lord’s fortress. No longer a boy, yet not quite a man; he is, however, a wizard–a Wizard of the Word.  Prophecy