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"Brown Water Red Blood" Reader Comments

Brown Water Red Blood - The Trilogy
  • Larry - November, 2014 - Five Stars! Excellent portrayal of the Mekong Delta region of the Vietnam War
Brown Water Red Blood is an excellent portrayal of the Mekong Delta region of the Vietnam War. I enjoyed every page of it and would recommend it to anyone interested in this war.
  • Ron - December, 2014 - Your book makes me thankful for men like you
I just finished your book.  I am so thankful that I did not have to see any combat action or join the Military services.  I must say that I can not even imagine how you deal with all you have seen over in Vietnam.  What is even sadder to me is how our Country took out their protest on the War on the soldiers that served their country.  Like you wanted to be over their by your choice.   Anyway,  I like the book because I got a glimpse of what you went though although I could never really know the reality because I was never there like you.  I appreciate you and thank you for your service.  The only thing I did not really like is how you ended the book.  Seemed too abrupt, one minute I am reading about the flotilla and the next minute the book is done!  I would have liked you tell more of what you did when you got home and how you adjusted to being back home.  Over all It was good.Thanks for sharing, 
  • Robbin G. - January, 2015 - Five Stars! (GoodReads Review)
  • Mark C. - February 15, 2015 - Four Stars - Well written.
  • Sandi - March 15, 2015 - Fight for Survival
Brown Water Red Blood gave me insight into the challenges and fight for survival you had to face during the war and made me appreciate even more all you and our armed forces do for our country.  I am thankful you were a survivor and came home and that you are able to share your stories.  I would think it would be very difficult to write about some of your experiences but also, perhaps, a release as well... I find your writing style very engaging. I am looking forward to reading more of your work!

  • Ron - March 25, 2015 - Well written and insightful. Found the book very informative of being part of the Vietnam War and experiencing the daily fight for survival. 
  • Timothy E. - April 15, 2015 - Five Stars!  (GoodReads Review)
  • Randy J, - July 12, 2015 - Five Stars!  Good Book. Short book, well written first hand accounts. Insight into a group of heroes rarely mentioned in the post Vietnam era.
  • Susie - September 23, 2015 - Five Stars! Well written piece based on personal experiences during the war in Vietnam. This is a well written glimpse into the daily life of some of our servicemen during the Vietnam War. The main story focuses on the actions that resulted in the awarding of a Bronze Star to the lead character. It is a potent recollection based primarily on real life experiences. If you have interests in that era, the history of that era, or, simply wish to gain an appreciation of what some of our troops experienced in that epic conflict then you will want to read this short book. I highly recommend it.
  • Alfie - November 17, 2015 - Five Stars! Memories. Memories of my service time.

Note: Brown Water Red Blood, the Vietnam Trilogy, was originally published as three short stories.  Below are comments I received from readers who read the short stories before they were published as a book.

Will I Finally Find Some Peace

  1. Anonymous   2010: Bruce, What a powerful and touching account of your tour. I think that none of us that were not there can even come close to comprehending the deepness and the permanence of the painful memories created by the horrors of war.

    The questions you pose in your closing remarks are so poignant. Will we ever learn from our mistakes? It's sickening to have to say so but I don't believe we have learned a single thing from Vietnam. Or at least I don't believe Bush and Cheney learned anything. Vietnam was apparently just a minor distraction for them. I truly believe that the both of them look at the Iraq war as a way to feed their over-sized egos, not to mention their pockets. Sad, disgusting, and criminal as far as I'm concerned. I would encourage you to keep writing. Maybe it don't give you much relief but I beleive it does serve a useful purpose for you and for all those that read your work.  Sam

  2. Anonymous   2010:  Great story, i hope you do find peace. Computerface
  3. Anonymous   2010: I call myself an historian and I am always anxious to hear war stories. Sometimes I feellike a ghoul, but I believe that it is important for people like you to try to explain what you experienced. Otherwise those of us who can't know might get the mistaken notion that war is something other than a last resort. I also want you to know that not everyone rejected you when you came back home. At least one teen aged boy wished he could have the chance to shake your hand. I hope writing this did you some good. It helped me. NotFrodo
  4. Anonymous   2010: A very thought provoking and poignant story, well written and believable. Many people do not realize how much war can change them, families are wrecked, many families cannot cope with the aftermath of war, it is often difficult for the returning soldier to re-adjust to civilian life.Your visual descriptions are a delight and gave me the full flavor of what was happening.  I would like to congratulate you on an excellent story. Rob
  5. Anonymous  2010:  Outstanding Write AND read!!! Thank you for sharing a very hard piece of your life. Writing this will help... but don't know if full peace will ever come... Well done
  6. Anonymous  2010: And with you writing like this... they will... Write more of your experiences! Those of us who have never been there... need to know! You are a great writer... *Smiles* Paul
  7. Anonymous  2010: It feels wrong 'rating' someone's life, but I think you've done a very good job of imparting the emotions of your time in Vietnam. I hope you will eventually be able to let go of the pain. Arrow
  8. Anonymous 2010: I was moved by your account. It felt like I was there. I hope writing will bring you peace like the lancing of a wound. I can understand your experience, a family friend was a body bagger.. a really bad job. Your writing style is very good and conveys your experience well. Writing a first person narrative is sometimes difficult but your pulled it off excellently. I honor your service to this country, sir. very good story as well! Sinanju
  9. Anonymous  2010: Wow. I've read quite a few entries about the Viet-Nam war, I believe this is the best one I've read yet. You definitely take us not only into the life of a veteran, but the year one had to survive and the daily things he went through. It's horrible what you had to endure.I don't think you should feel guilty about being acceptant of death -- it is a survival skill. You have to get like that or you would go mad. It may feel like it was a curse after it was all over, but it truly was a blessing. You can not take all that in without some kind of defense mechanism helping you 'handle' the situation. Thank you for all you and the others did. I hope that now you can get a little peace also.God bless.  Tracey
  10. Anonymous   2010: 

    Clarity: very clear
    Imagery: excellent
    Detail: Weapons detail was excellent
    People: minimal
    Places: good
    Things: excellent
    Flow: smooth
    Pace: even
    Scene: The Author uses a 1st person narration along with description and imagery to set the scene.
    Senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, instinct
    Fighting action/sequence: I thought was very good especially the aftermath alot of detail, emotion,and imagery. 
    Dialogue: minimal, this is a 1st person narrative
    Character Development: The author takes us from his point of view from a cherry in country to returning home after a year tour to his feelings at the Vietnam Memorial Wall years later.
    Emotion: helpless, alone, disheartening, acceptance, negativity, futility

    Overall Feeling: Thank you, for your service and sacrifice. This was excellent for a number of reasons including how the normal everyday life of a solider mail call, mess, inoculations, helping villagers is replaced with extreme action, fear, and death.

    Suggestions: Even though this is a 1st person narrative, and sometimes the physical description is left out in these types of stories, I couldn’t place myself alongside of your character simply because he was never described, but I understand why he is any solider over there black, white, yellow or green. Excellent job! If it isn’t too painful for you I suggest that you novelize this into a book and publish it! The world needs to know your story not just your family at
    Thank you again for your sacrifice. Kevin82 

  11. Anonymous   2010: What an incredibly powerful write! I am very impressed with your ability to put all of this down so well. You kept my attention from the beginning right through to the end.37 years ago my husband and I were getting married. He'd done his time in the Navy on the "Enterprise" and was never really in any danger. Neither of us, therefore, know of the intense things you speak of here. You made this come alive for me. Many of our friends are `Nam vets. Few of them ever speak of the experience. Only two very, very dear friends ever came close. One said "You are afraid all of the time, and there is no respite from it. That's the worst---no place you can hide, not even a place you can hope." The other spoke of something equally horrific.  These descriptions have haunted me for a long time. I think yours will. Animatqua
  12. Anonymous  2010:  I just want to thank you for writing this. That's all, just Thank You, Story Bug
  13. Anonymous   2010: I did not serve in Viet Nam. Instead, I fought the Cold War in the Mediterranean. However, too many of my ship mates had come from Nam and reading your story took me back to the stories that they related to me at the time. Your story is therapeutic for both of us. Keep writing and I hope that you will find your peace. 2tallg
  14. Anonymous   2010: I hope you do find the peace that you are looking for, but please do not let that feeling of futility overcome you. I cannot begin to imagine the horror of war, but your telling the story helps those of us who have not been in the situation realize what the soldiers of our country have to endure. You should be proud of yourself, not only for your contributions to our country, but for sharing your story. I'm sure it is not easy, but the more you share the more that you may come to grips with those emotions you have held inside, and rest assured that your sharing will have a positive outcome on those who read it.Hopefully people will see how horrible such wars can be and someday learn from our mistakes, while also gaining respect for those who have to fight. Thank you for sharing. Forbkanda
  15. Bruce   2010: This must have been a very difficult piece to write as it is a reflection of your experiences of a war, that in my opinion, should never have happened. I admire the objective way you've written this whilst retaining an aspect of feeling in your description. I can well understand it when you write: "the mind realizes that the only way you are going to make it is to block out the negativity associated with death." What you've written is an important contribution to the historical past but not only that, to the psychological past. Your questions at the end of the piece are profound and, unfortunately, I don't believe that we humans have learned from our past mistakes.I very much hope for your sake you have found a measure of peace. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Gigergal
  16. Anonymous   2010: Yes, I can relate to the 'dumping' scenario. although not involved in any war I have anawful lot of 'stuff' in my head that needs sorting and coming to terms with and I do thedumping thing quite often.Actually, I think the way you've written this works because it's the type of thing thatpeople expect to be emotional. However, there are some things that are just beyondemotions I think. We can see too much horror and become numb.Take care, Gigergal
  17. Anonymous   2010L Sir,First of all, let me thank you for service to your country.  This is well written, and tells a poignant story. It amazes me that there are so many who try so hard to escape. I wish our country had done more for you. I see your pain in every line of this, and hope that writing helped ease some pain. God Bless!  Lou
  18. Anonymous   2010: This is so close to perfect. I'm not trying to take your auto-reward and will send them back to you in a 'heartbeat.' I merely wanted to re-rate your work. I can tell you really care about it.I jump through hoops editing my own work and none of mine have ever shown the promise of this. This is so awesome. You have kept your voice 'still and sane' as your 'young soul' raged.  I hope you understand that each stroke of the comb will turn up ~~~twitches~~~. .I was there, alive and scared to death when you served the country that I love. I love you and would never have done any of the things that I know happened and shouldn't have.  Hmmmm, that's enough about me.  To the few edits left and you did an awesome job. I know this work hurts you to craft. How could it not?  Deb
  19. Anonymous   2010: I am probably overdoing it, but I guess I took this story seriously. I thought this was good. I didn't see a lot of emotions though you mention them in the intro. The style you chose is kind of detached. Some sections have emotional resonance, but most don't. I think that's fine. I like the style. I think it works. MisPel
  20. Anonymous   2010: Your story is profound and really well-developed. The calm delivery of such horrifying experiences enhance the horror of war for your reader. You have done a good job. There are extensive edits required in the work but I still found your story compelling. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to r/r/r.
  21. Anonymous   2010: Wow. Being of a younger generation, I didn't have to live through the Viet Nam war. I guess it has always been a part of "history" to me, and never really touched me. As I read this, my whole body became engulfed in your story. I was tense and jittery, and I can't really tell you why except that it made me nervous. You do a wonderful job of painting the picture for your reader. I can't imagine what life must have been like. Aside from a few minor technical errors, I can't find fault in this story.Thank you for writing it.  Devin
  22. Anonymous  2010: Bruce is my younger brother. He is an excellent writer. I am very proud of him as a brother, person and a writer. The questions he asked are very special and difficult to answer. I'm not sure that Bruce will find peace but he should find acceptance in the fact that served with honor, courage,and caring. He did the very best he could under very difficult conditions. He knows that he has the family support and many friends which says a ton about his character. He also has shown incredible courage and strength of character in dealing with his sickness. He has never complained or asked Why me? He does the very best, again, and is very active in helping finding a cure.  I wish him and his family the very best.   Brother Wayne
  23. Anonymous   2010: Bruce... Thank you for opening my "eyes" to your experinces. I always have heard your stories from Daniel, but never fully understood until I read this story. Wow!!! Thank you for your sacrifice!! 

Brothers in Blood

  1. Anonymous  2010:   Bruce,I can only imagine what a horrific experience that was especially after it was over and you had a chance to begin processing what had just happened. Only someone who lived through such a hellish experience could describe as you did. I admire you greatly for what you did and empathize with the part about still being able to see the carnage from the direct hit. My middle brother served in the 101st. Airborne and was badly wounded in the La Trang LZ-Albany massacre. He was one of the very last of the wounded recovered, he suffered terribly and still is tormented by the memories of his experience. He is one of the soldiers in the book, "We were Soldiers...........and Young". I was fortunate enough to get a "critical skills deferment" and didn't have to go. I thank my lucky stars that I was spared. I thought then and still think now that that war was a travesty and doubly so for those like yourself and my brother that had to fight in it.  Sam
  2.  Anonymous 2010:   That is quite a story! Congratulations (if that is the right word) for being awarded the Bronze Star. Did you realize that 7 of the 10 men in our family served in the military, but none went through what you did except possibly John. Don screwed up his feet in Korea, but I don't know how much action he really saw. You are a "Hero" and I am proud to be your brother. Love, Jerry