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Brown Water Red Blood

Brown Water Red Blood
A Vietnam Novelette

What readers have said about "Brown Water Red Blood":

"Well written and insightful" ... "Fight for Survival" ... "Well written piece" ... "Five Stars!"...
"Excellent portrayal of the Vietnam War" ... "Thankful for men like you"

Book Description

Novelette * - Stories taken from the author’s personal experiences during his tour of duty as a River Rat with the Mobile Riverine Force in the Mekong Delta, Republic of Vietnam. Plus, four bonus stories based upon other events regarding his service years.

"It has been 37 years and he still cannot forget. You would think after all this time he could put these thoughts and emotions aside and get on with his life." 

Brown Water - Red Blood is a story of survivor's guilt. It is the author's way of atoning for coming home in one piece. Many times during his tour of duty, he said, “That could have just as well been me.” 

  • The Look: My first impressions of Vietnam the day I arrived.
  • Will I Finally Find Some Peace: 37 years after his tour of duty in Vietnam the author continues to struggle with his memories of the war. 
  • Brothers in Blood: A story about a firefight the author was involved in during his tour of duty in Vietnam. 
  • No Two Minute Warning: A story about a ‘wake-up call' during the author's tour of duty. Another two minutes could have changed my life forever.
  • Will i Ever Find Some Peace: A poem about Vietnam.
  • Plus four bonus service related stories:  
    • Let's Not Talk About It
    • Tip of the Iceburg
    • Cruel World
    • A Patriot Found His Home 
[* 74 Pages ]

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