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Staff of Rhah

Staff of Rhah
The Parthinian Chronicles

An Epic Fantasy Novel

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Book Description

An Epic Fantasy – Tippallo  is given the opportunity to study at the Wizards’ Academy in Perth, the capital city. Before completing his training, Tipp has one final test. He must go through the Rite of Passage. As part of the Rite, Tipp takes an oath never to use his powers for anything other than healing.

Transported two hundred years into the past, he finds the Dark Lord’s army holding Perth under siege. The Parthinian people are dying of starvation and disease. When Tipp appears, King Boris believes he is a great wizard sent to defeat the enemy. Though constantly tested by the Dark Lord and his armies, Tipp must save the lives of the Parthinian people without breaking his oath. Each new situation challenges him in ways he never imagined possible. There is no turning back, and failure is not an option. 

Many wizards have challenged the Dark Lord in the past and all have failed. Yet, none before carried the Staff of Rhah. 

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