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Shattered Lives

Books by Bruce Gaughran
  • Sci-Fi Thriller
    • 2074 - Global warming has necessitated the culling of the earth’s population. DESISTANCE - It sounds so simple and logical—until it is your turn. In ten days, I will cease to exist.

  • Vietnam Trilogy
    • Brown Water Red Blood - Novelette - Published July 2014. For several years I wanted to write about some of my experiences during my tour of duty in Vietnam. Four Vietnam short stories plus four other service related stories are the result of that desire.

  • The Parthinian Chronicles - Epic Fantasy
    • Staff of Rhah - Originally published as two novellas, in May 2017, Banished and Prophecy were merged into the Staff of Rhah. 

  • Justin Seaborne Duology
    • Trouble - Novella - Published January 23, 2015. It is comprised of two short stories.
        • "The Omega Factor" revolves around a nuclear catastrophe and a personal meltdown.
        • "Special K is not a Cereal" is a murder mystery.

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