Friday the 2nd of February 2018

Another Election that you didn’t want or need..

If you have not yet voted in the Kaipara Mayoral by-election, I would be grateful if you would read this. I am Bruce Rogan, standing for the mayoralty, and I authorise this statement.  

There are eight people standing, one of whom is a first term councillor.  If that person is elected there will have to be yet another election.

What is the present situation?

The Kaipara is in very deep financial trouble. The evidence? Five chief executives in as many years and the elected mayor has been unable to serve out his term and has resigned.  Note also the state of the district’s roads.  And note the frantic gouging for money through ridiculously outrageous fees. 

What will I do if you choose me?

I’m not making promises I cannot keep. I will:

1.     Put you the ratepayers front and centre of every decision council makes.

2.     Genuinely consult you BEFORE any decisions and we will listen to your views.

3.     Subject all significant new borrowing to a binding referendum.

4.     Establish an ombudsman to resolve disputes non-litigiously.

5.     Move to purchase all professional and contracting services from local or regional suppliers.

6.     Conduct all Council business out in the open.

7.     Work full time, and,  I will stay the course.

8.     Have the CEO report to the council, a reversal of the present situation. The CEO will be under a rigorous ongoing performance review.

9.     Encourage businesses with low infrastructure costs, such as Education, Training, and Intellectual Property ventures  to establish here.

10.  Convert the vehicle fleet to full electric and lead by example for renewable energy at all facilities.  We will significantly increase the number of charging stations for public use and encourage the establishment of renewable energy generation.

11.  Dismantle outmoded regulations and encourage uptake of modern methods of waste disposal.

12.  Work  closely with central government and our neighbours.

13.  Have as my measure of success your satisfaction with council. 

Council survives by its power of legal theft

We must not be fooled.  We have to address the debt question seriously and urgently. Council is essentially trading while insolvent. To stay afloat Kaipara Council joined the Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA) without your consent.

What is the LGFA?

Most candidates (and councillors) don’t know what it is, while some argue it is a good thing because it gives the council access to “cheap” money.  The LGFA is a bunch of foreign money lenders in disguise.  Its sole objective is to make money without them taking risk. You take all the risk.  You  probably didn’t know but you personally are the LGFA’s collateral.  .

The Kaipara shambles was not your fault.

Ratepayers did not cause the untenable debt situation . We all need to direct our anger towards those who really did wreck this place. We know who they are.

How does Kaipara  Council survive?

Every year Kaipara borrows money   to pay the interest on past loans.  That is how they stay “afloat”. The LGFA lends this money, using you as the backstop.  One candidate (who supposedly knows) even told an audience that Kaipara was exactly like a person who had maxxed out their credit card and was just paying off enough each month to avoid ruin.

It doesn’t have to be like this

Much of the debt is illegal, and there is an unchallenged High Court declaration to that effect which has not been acted on. So, together, let’s ACT.

Am I qualified to serve?

My Dad was born and raised in Te Kopuru. We have owned our place here for twenty five years and have lived here for the last twelve.  I served on the council for one full term 2001-2004.  I have extensive relevant managerial and financial experience in the public and private sectors.

I am prepared to work full time to restore prosperity to this wonderful place.  I don’t give up when things get rough.

If you want things to improve, vote (1) for Bruce Rogan

By their own admission nobody else standing is going to deal with the debt problem, and progress to prosperity  depends on that.  Please give me, and more importantly yourself, the chance to improve things here.


Authorised by B Revell unit 7/39 norcross avenue, Auckland