Utility Seat and Kneeler

 This kneeler is great for working on meter sets or in basements with crud on the floor.  I've had a great response from the utilities that have tried it so far. You can flip it over easily to sit on or use as a kneeler.  It's only nine pounds, folds up easily and it's rated to 250 lbs.  The foam pads are improved from previous version: they are thicker and more comfortable.  I left mine out in the snow (as seen below) and while the foam got stiffer at about 9 degrees it still functioned OK. The only thing I would suggest is to put some friction tape on the corners of the legs so the thing won't slide around on you.  One utility decided against using this since they were worried people would use it as a ladder, so don't do that.
Several years ago the more stable version was quite hard to find in the US so that's why I was offering them.   A ton of them came in last year and you could find the unstable version on the web for about $40 or even less, so it was tricky to get the right one.  The best source for these currently is from the Gardeners Supply Company here  http://www.gardeners.com/Deep-Seat-Garden-Kneeler/40-009,default,pd.html     Make sure you get the Deep Seat version, and you may want to make sure you pick the green one and don't accidentally get the purple.