Heath Ergonomic Probe Bar - Handle Covers

Heath has made an improvement over the standard probe bars or plunger bars for leak detection and pinpointing.  Called the Heavy Duty Anglefin Plunger bar, it's about 17 pounds and works with the standard Heath rods.  We've had very good response from all the utilities I've worked with.  We've had two instances where an operator liked the lighter weight of the M-Pact-O for working in lawns or other easy ground conditions, but for going through asphalt or cracks in concrete this works well. They also make a lighter weight version which is 13 lbs., but I prefer the heavier version.  There are some pictures of both below.  I think the diameter of the fins is a little small so I've developed a handle cushion that increases the diameter to a more comfortable grip.  Those handle covers are shown below.
The heavy duty is on the left and the lighter weight standard Anglefin is on the right.
Another view of both the heavy duty and standard version of the Anglefin Plunger Bar.
This is a good shot showing how the arms come out at an angle.  The heavy duty on the left and lighter new version on the right.

I work with Heath on this tool, so if you want to try one give me a call at 224 715 3699 or better yet email at brucekcampbell@comcast.net . We'll work with your regional sales representative from Heath to get you what you need.


Handle Covers increase the diameter and make a more comfortable grip for long term use 

It’s a good idea to use these handle cushion covers on the side handles to increase the diameter of the handles so you can grip them better and to reduce the high frequency shock or "sting" going into your palms. These foam handle covers are glued to the Anglefin side handles and covered with a strong abrasion resistant tape. Field reports have all been positive.  Since Heath doesn't make the Anglefins with these handle covers, I sell the handles and a kit that has the adhesive and abrasion resistant tape.  

I use a split closed cell foam tube that fits easily on the side handles. Paint the adhesive from the kit on both the rod and the inside of the tube, wait a couple minutes for it to get tacky then apply the tape provided in the kit longitudinally (a cigarette wrap) so it extends a little beyond the foam.  It's not elegant, but it should help with long time use of these impact tools.  I've tested the tape by dragging the handle down the street and it holds up quite well.  I also have several of these in the field for over two years with no reports of any problems.


The prepared foam handle tubes are available in sets of two at http://www.theionixgasstore.com/heanplbarfoh.html    The glue, tape and instruction kit has enough material for about 15 sets of foam handle covers and can be purchased here http://www.theionixgasstore.com/heanplbaradk.html