Probe Bar Pullers

I found a great probe bar puller.  It is shown in the photographs below. (Another tool, the Kravitch Bar Puller, is shown at the bottom of this page.)  Here are some of the features and benefits of the Anderson Bar Puller:

·         16:1 mechanical advantage pulls probe rods, stuck drills, grounding rods

·         2” pull per stroke

·         Doesn’t bend the bar like the old Mulcare (or homemade versions) – unique double jaw action

·         Don’t have to push your arm to the ground

·         Weighs only 25 lbs. 

·         Available in three jaw ranges. If you only use a ½” rod then buy the “narrow” 1/2” to 7/8” model to maximize the pull per stroke. The "medium" is optimized for 7/8”rods but will accept up to 1” round stock and work with ½” rod. If you use larger bars or a variety of bars use the “wide” model with the larger 1/2” to 1-1/4”bar range. It is optimized for the 1” hex bars

·         Easy to use, easy to carry, easy to assemble, and stores securely and in a small space on your truck in a tough heavy duty nylon carry bag 

·         Handle folds flat for compact storage, extends with new round grip for more comfortable operation and increased power.

Call Bruce Campbell 224-715 3699 for more information and to order yours.  You can also order here

Here are some pictures of a demonstration with the older style handle:

This is a 1-1/4" hex bar sledge hammered into cracked concrete.
Pulled it out with no problem.
 The cam jaws are symmetric so you pull straight up.  Here we tested a 1/2" slide hammer rod.
And here are some pictures of the new handle.  The handle folds up flat against the tool and has an extension that stores inside the handle.  You just pull it out and pin it into position and get a great 16:1 leverage with a nice round handle to push on.
Here's the new handle that extends out for use, but then stores flat with the tool for easier carrying and storage.
The new heavy duty nylon carry bag and some detail on the handle.  (There is another version of this tool that the US Army uses and they use this bag.)
The Kravitch bar puller shown below is at Kravitch Machine Tools at   although the site isn’t very complete so it’s a good idea to call and talk to Nick or Margo Kravitch at 800-437-5801. (Please mention my name!)  They have several versions but the two shown below give you an idea.  For a 1/2" rod I would recommend the smaller unit shown on top. It's only 6 lbs. I worked with KMC some years ago to get something that could easily be carried on the belt if you were barholing a lot, so that's what they made. There is a larger unit shown below with a longer handle that is designed for the larger bars up to 1-1/4" hex, but you can get jaws all the way down to the half inch rod. That unit weighs 18 lbs. The jaws are only for one size of rod, but you can change them out reasonably easily.