Static Electricity Spray

Ionix Gas Technology makes this anti-stat spray that replaces the wet soapy burlap or the pink wrap.  You don't have to get in the trench and you don't have to use ground rods for the pipe.  It works when it dries so you don't have to keep applying it in the summer when it's hot, and there is a blue dye now so you can see where you sprayed it. 
To purchase the aerosol spray go to  or just call my friend Dirk Smith at  800-246-1784. 

 Here's the device that lets you spray under and around the pipe without getting in the ditch.   You just insert a can of spray, tighten the clamp, attach any broom stick or paint roller handle and pull the string. 

Ionix also makes a cartridge system that you use to inject the anti-stat into the gas distribution system at the gate station for full system wide elimination of static for your PE distribution network.  This will help with pin-holes in services, and with sparking through the pipe wall for hot taps and squeeze-offs.  For more information go to