Ergonomic Tools for Gas Field Operations

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This ergonomic tool development site is for gas utilities and others who use hand tools such as pipe wrenches to examine a number of interesting ergonomic tools. All of the tools presented here have an ergonomic and/or safety benefit in the major areas of concern: wrenching, barholing, lifting and loading, slips trips and falls, shoveling in trenches, and vehicle design. Details of the tools are on the pages listed to the left.
If you want to buy some of these tools to try out, email or give me a call at 224 715 3699.  I have teamed up with the Ionix Gas Store so you can purchase some tools right off the web.  I would prefer if you order directly from me as its easier and quicker, but this is an option 
I also have an Ergo Tool Catalog which has some of the tools here and others.  If you want a copy of the current catalog just shoot me an email


How this works:  I’m an independent consultant working with utilities, research organizations, universities, and manufacturers.  I've personally tried most of the tools I discuss, but I include other manufacturers for your comparison, and I may not have direct experience or utility field trial feedback on some of those tools.  I have a mechanical engineering and physics background and have over 25 years of experience in the gas industry developing and evaluating new products.  If you have other tools or ideas for tools you’d like to share, I’m happy to spread the word.  One of the hurdles in improving injury rates is getting this type of information on tool availability effectively disseminated to the folks that need the tools and the folks who approve them.  There's a lot more that can be done.

Bruce K. Campbell
Campbell Consulting & Sales
224 715 3699
Usually new tool evaluation and implementation programs are run with either Safety Committees or Tool Committees or both but they need to be coordinated and supported by management to be effective in reducing injuries. Finding a good tool, doing the field trial, getting it accepted at the appropriate committee, and putting it into the purchasing system isn't enough. To get any impact on safety or productivity the benefits and availability of the tool needs to be communicated to the field supervisors, along with sufficient management support to allow the supervisors to actually get the tools to their people who need them. After that's done, its a good idea to go back and see if the tool actually worked as planned.

 The valve cover lifter is a nifty little tool gives you one hand operation to get those covers out of the street.  Beats kneeling on your knees prying the lid up using two screwdrivers.  This one fits a 6-1/2 inch span across the cutouts and you can buy it by contacting me at or call Bruce at 224 715 3699.  You can also order the valve cover lid lifter online here  

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 These IceAlert freeze indicators  are great for making your folks aware of icy conditions next fall and winter.  This Ice Alert highly reflective temperature sensitive indicator helps prevent trips slips and falls on icy sidewalks and parking lots.  These 6" diameter indicators have a colored wheel that rotates from white to blue as temperatures approach freezing.  Motorists and pedestrians are alerted to the dropping temperatures and are made aware that ice may be present or forming.  These universal mount Ice Alert units are delivered pre-assembled and are simply bolted onto existing poles, posts, or other structures.  Great for utility employee parking lots, garage, and entrance walkways.  Approximately 7" by 10".  I've had one out on my back porch for three winters now and it works great.  We've also had several utilities use them with good results.  You can buy one of these to try out by calling me.