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This is the home of a web site dedicated to the radio appearances of the comedy team Abbott and Costello. Their appearances started in the 1930's and ended in the late 1940's. Posted here is a radio log of their appearances. This log is not complete and is a work in progress. If anyone can supply any more information it will be most welcome.

Version 2.8 of Radio Log in PDF format. Posted 8/9/2017

Version 2.8 of Radio Log in OpenOffice format. Posted 8/9/2017

Below is an MP3 file from an appearance of Abbott and Costello on the Walgreen's 44th Anniversary special on the radio. This was special because Bud Abbott was taken sick at the last minute so Sidney Fields substituted for Bud Abbott with performing Who's on First with Lou Costello. Air date for this show was 6/20/45.

Sidney Fields and Lou Costello performing Who's on First. Posted 6/18/2007

One of my favorite shows was the Abbott and Costello Kid's Show on ABC. The Abbott and Costello kids show appeared on Saturday Morning on ABC. It appeared at different times in different markets. Each show gave the Lou Costello Jr trophy for good citizenship to a kid. In March 1948 they started a contest that would give away prizes totalling $20,000 including a baby elephant, an airplane, a house trailer, a new car, and a mink coat. The person entering had to complete this sentence: “I want to fight juvenile delinquency because ...”. The entry had to be sent with a donation to the Lou Costello Jr. Youth foundation. By June 1948 the prizes had swelled to $30,000 and the judges had been announced as: Eddie Cantor, Arthur Stebbins, and Vincent Flaherty.  On July 24, 1948 the $30,000 in prizes were awarded to a 54 year old housewife and mother named Mrs. B.M. Lawrence of Shenandoah Iowa.

Below are five of these shows.

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May 4, 2012, 11:26 PM
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