Larry Johnson vs Google Image Search

As WEEI says...he is "the recycler". 

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 This is a very, very small sample of the cartoons that Larry Johnson has "created" from existing photographs. These were just a few of the more egregious examples. These cartoons have appeared on Page2, as well as on They may have appeared on other websites as well.

Do you think Sports Illustrated likes seeing their Baseball Preview cover duplicated on




This is Larry Johnson's "Daily Quickie" cartoon  from Page2 compared with the first result of "Husky" on Google Image Search:

This is a cartoon done for The Remy Report website compared with the first result of "Curt Gowdy" on Google Image search:

King Kong Movie Poster used in a cartoon:

 Here is another "Daily Quickie" cartoon compared with the first result of "Grim Reaper" on Google Image Search:

Another cartoon comparision with the the third result of "Trojan Horse" on Google Image Search.


This picture came from the second page of results on Google Image Search when searching for "donkey".

First result of Larry Lucchino on Google Image Search with another recent cartoon.


First result of searching for Joe Torre on Google Image Search.  

First result on GIS search for Diesel Engine and cartoon:


We were scratching our heads over this one for awhile.

Why? Well, this is what Mike Brown looks like:


Then, thanks to some help from the Sports Frog guys, we found that LJ had copied the wrong Mike Brown:

Yup, that's former FEMA director Mike Brown, not the Bengals owner Mike Brown.