Caring for People with a Disability;

A Vision of the Brothers of Charity, International Community and the Church




Increasing the quality of life has been always everyone’s concern. Through the history, people always try to achieve that goal by developing groups or organizations.  These groups, organizations or communities have the same goal base but might base in different way. This writing is emphasised on the vision of caring for the people with a disability of three groups; the Brothers of Charity, International Community and the Church.


  1. Vision of the Brothers of Charity


Due to the needs of care for the sick, poor, disabled and many more people with likely same condition, P.J. Triest founded the Brothers of Charity. He based his work on the value of human being; that is an unconditional respect for everybody, even for the most abandoned and afflicted one. With God is Love as a motto of life and service, the Brothers of Charity plants the seed of hope to the sufferings. The Brothers of Charity express their most concern by giving them appropriate education, caring for people with a disability and for people with health problems, give training to the people with disability and to co-workers, and many other services.


  1. Vision of International Community


The history of human life gives a lot of examples and proves that the fundamental rights of human life, including the people with a disability is being abused in many aspects and places. War, unequal distribution of sources, inadequate infrastructure, law abuse, and even socio-culture create discrimination and marginalisation for the people especially those who have disabilities. United Nations as an international organisation puts great concern of what is going on in the world. The organization imposed their main idea of equality for every human being to the nations worldwide. Everyone have the same opportunities to develop his life. The United Nations expressing their concern by developing declarations, conventions, giving aids, working together with governments in many countries and many organisations which have same goal.


  1. Vision of the Church


The person with a disability (whether as the result of congenital handicap, chronic illness or accident, or from mental or physical deficiency, and whatever the severity of the disability) is a fully human subject, so they have the all unique dignity of human life and created as the image of God. That’s becomes the basic view of the Church on serving people with disabilities. The Bible says clearly on how to love each other. The Church as the body is following Christ her head. Christ gave example by proclaiming the good news and healing the sick, including the people with disabilities.




People with a disability have always existed in the history of human being. Many groups and organisation have positive concern to them and try to give the care they need. They express their service based on their own vision, but all of them seem to have the same goals on increasing the quality of life of the people with disability.